Finally, some water to get this summer started! I don’t know why I associate summer with the beach or pool, but I always have! In my head, summer includes extreme sun action, cold cold ice cream, bikinis, daisy dukes, flip flops, messy wind blown hair and of course, the wet and wild escape of the sea. And while the sea is just 2 weeks away, a few of my friends and I took a quick Sunday dip at a pool to cool down after a busy week. I took the opportunity to wear my Triangl bikini (-yes, the instafamous one!) and paired it with my WAGW selfie snap back. What do you think?

Triangl swimwear, WAGW cap

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Daily Grind

I just got back from my very productive trip to Boracay for Womens Health magazine, and I gotta tell ya, I’m so inspired to be at my most fit! It’s a really good feeling to keep your body strong and healthy, especially after seeing Women’s Health Editor in Chief, Lara, rocking those abs at 40+. DAMN. I solemnly swear to try to stay away from bad food, and to keep to my work out regimen more consistently in the next two weeks. PUSH! And to bid farewell to all the yummy junk food, this will be my last deliciously sinful post featuring the very famous Charlies Grill and Grind burgers that Mike and I really made way for on our last trip to Manila. Looking at these photos alone are making me crave for it again- but no! Self control, I’m counting on you! 2 weeks before I see Boracay again, and that means exactly 14 days to get that beachbody through a healthy lifestyle. I can do this! #believe Hope we can all support each other’s body goals together! Will try my best to keep you posted via #thirstythoughtfitness on Instagram/FB and twitter! Goodluck to us!

WAGW polo, Zara shorts, Marc Jacobs bag, Josefinas Portugal flats

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Winter White

Can you guys feel the summer heat burning away already?? Man, its so hot here in Boracay, 5 minutes under the sun and I already feel like I’m gonna melt! Before the sun gets even hotter in the coming days, here’s a chilly post to keep us in a cooler mood. I can’t believe I shot this just a month and a half ago in HongKong when the weather was so cold, I could hardly feel my toes! Now, it’s completely the opposite. Crazy right? Hope you guys stay under cool weather! Oh, and Happy Palm Sunday!

Sheinside coat, WAGW top and pants, Prada bag, Sunnies by Charlie

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