Sun Chaser Challenge

KryzUy.Com Islands Desert Safari-3

Remember this?? One of my favorite photos and travel moments of all time. Dubai was so amazingly beautiful, and driving up and down the sand dunes is definitely a memory I will cherish forever. I’m remembering this experience because I want you guys to create a moment as special as this. It doesn’t matter where you go- “the highest peaks to the freshest waters”, what matters is you answer the call of the open road and live life under the sun. This is the Sun Chaser Challenge brought to you by Wrangler- a month long event across 9 countries in the Asia Pacific that encourages you to be wild, free and adventurous.

From April 14-May 11, Wrangler asks you to share your adventures on Instagram using #WrangerSunChaser. Each week, they choose a winner to win P8000 worth of Cash and GCs, and one lucky winner will finally bag the regional prize: a 5 day trip to a destination of choice!!! Soooo bongga! (Last week’s winner was @rhainpineda, Congratulations!!!)

Head on over to WranglerSunChaser for more info or check out their Facebook and Instagram page to keep up with the latest details about this super cool challenge.

Mermaid Dreamin’

Now my secret’s out… I had you guys fooled all along. I am actually…tantantan…a Mermaid! Haha kidding. It was fun playing pretend though! I had the privilege of testing out my mermaid Fins with Roxy Barrios of Mermaid Institute. She trained Marian Rivera (in the past) and Anne Curtis for Dyesebel! I felt so awkward at first because I can’t swim to save my life, and she had me doing all of these weird exercises- like making sea creature like positions with my feet and body without my tail. Plus, it was so early in the morning, and I didn’t have my coffee yet! But once I had the tail on though, I felt sooo at home  and I couldn’t stop swimming away! See, I was definitely a Mermaid in my past life! Lol Wasn’t able to take much photos because my photographer that day (a.k.a. Mike) was being lazy, so these are all I have for you, plus the short video below (click here if it doesn’t play). Enjoy!x

Yesterday's underwater adventure. @mermaidinstitute #mermaidinstitute #thirstythoughtfitness #thirstythoughttravels </p>
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Prison Break

It’s soooo hot out! To all my readers living in the tropics, aren’t you melting yet? I can’t help but sweat buckets the moment I step out into the sun, even if it’s just for a 5 minute photo op. Really gotta remember to layer on the sunscreen! Just looking at these photos already makes me remember how hot it was (and still is!). Plus, thick stripes always get me in the sunniest of moods, nevermind if it comes in a “no-color color” like black and white. I couldn’t resist pairing my top with a tote of the same color, just because going matchy-matchy is so cute these days. I’m also really into wedges now (aside from flats and sneakers), and I don’t know if it’s a trend or if it’s my maturing style (and body *sob*) telling me I need to lay off the stilettos! Another thing you don’t know about me is that I’m totally addicted to foot massages. I think it’s all the years of ballet and high heels catching up with me. I get a massage 3x a week at minimum! Is that even healthy?! Anyway, how is summer treating you guys? What are your plans? Can’t wait to head to Boracay in a week (more or less) for laborday weekend. Am I gonna see you there??? Make sure to say hey!

Pink Manila top (old, similar here), Sheinside shorts, Charles & Keith Wedges, Sunnies by Charlie sunnies, custom made necklace and ring, Bag (Michael Kors here)

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