10 hours

When i woke up this morning, i did my usual routine: Alarm off, iTunes on, Open all bookmarks. Oh, the joys of reading my favorite blogs with a cup of coffee and breakfast from Lita. Its only been 10 hours since i last checked my new blog.(That was the time i spent sleeping and thinking about what post i would do next!) Forgive me for my over eager attitude, I always tend to jump headfirst into new and exciting things.

Speaking of new and exciting, my friend Enzo offered to do another photoshoot with me next week. I’m really looking forward to this since the one scheduled for early June was cancelled (thank you very much, you lazy fat ass. you know who you are. HAHA) The last photoshoot I had was with the CADs Executive Board for the annual portfolio. I tried to channel Mary Kate, by my efforts directed others to believe I was doing Rumi, of fashion toast. Not a problem for me! Rumi=perfect.

Here’s an unofficial take on the shoot:

Mary Kate:

Mark Kate


My take

So, who wore it better? (HAHA kidding :|)

Oh frick, I’m late for class!!