10 Life Hacks for your 20s

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Everyone else

Hard to do in today’s Social Media age, where we see most of our peers making tons of cash, traveling the world, or graduating from law school, while we’re stuck at home eating a bag of chips and sipping on some cola. But if I said it once I’ll say it again, what you see online is probably 10% of what really goes on offline. Besides, the grass always seems greener on the other side… until you get there.

2. That being said, don’t check Facebook or Instagram when:

a.) Depressed

b.) PMSing

c.) Unemployed

3. Keep your friends and make some more

Everyone keeps telling you us to hustle, but life isn’t just about that. At the end of the day, no one wants to live life just to work. People will drift apart as life goes on, but that’s okay. Just make sure to make time for your relationships. Make the intention. 

4. Nothing great ever came from comfort zones

Now is the time to take risks, be bold, and be humble. You have such a huge potential for greatness! Ideas are nothing without action, so act now!

5. Take care of yourself

Sure, you can survive partying it up all night, and then heading straight to work in the morning. Or running on RedBull and coffee everyday. But that will eventually catch up with you, and you’ll regret ever single minute of it when you’re staring at a face of bad skin and wrinkles, or worse, stuck in a hospital bed. Make time for things that matter- like your health! You are not invincible.

6. Get Drunk, but not pass-out drunk

Experience everything, including having too much fun or one too many drinks. But know your limits and always remember… what your friends post online will be there FOREVERRRRR.

7. Stop blaming others

You’re not a kid anymore, so start owning up to your actions. What happens in your life is because of you, and no one else. You can always choose to act or react a certain way. When things don’t fall into place, how you deal with it is 100% you.

“Bad things happen. People will wrong you. Instead of dwelling on what you can’t change, consider that you can’t expect the world or anything to be perfect when no one is more imperfect than you.”

8. Marriage will not fix any of your problems

So don’t treat it like a fire escape to a different life. Besides, it’s a decision you make that will change and shape the rest of your life- so reaaaaallly think about it and be smart!

9. Stop being Thankless

Realize the good in others instead of seeing them for their faults. Find God, even if it means letting go to know what you’re looking for. Appreciate kindness and know how to be kind yourself.

10. Love yourself

Imagine yourself 30 years from now looking back at you in your 20s. You are at the prime of your life! Stop complaining about your weight, or your insecurities. You are PERFECT. Go out and carpe that diem!