12 days of hair with creamsilk

I get hair questions on the daily- and that’s because I keep changing it up. My hair had been the exact same way from 2007-2014- thats 7 years of looking like a giant frizz ball, and I thought I totally rocked it. But come 2014 and at the advice of some of my friends whom i will greatly thank until today, I’ve been visited by the hair fairy! Now I change my look every few months. That’s color, cut, bleached ends, highlights, styles- you name it! I like playing with my hair because at the end of the day- it’s just hair. If you don’t like it, chop it off and it will grow back ready for you to mess with it again.

The downside to this sudden burst of hair-ventures? My locks get really brittle and damaged. Especially when I got the ends bleached! My hair reached an all time low (and scary) when I had a shoot for a magazine and they heat styled it a billion times. I swear I saw a chunk fall off right when the straightener passed it. Here’s a video of what went down right here. I warn you- it’s bad!

So a few days ago, I took on a hair challenge. I tried to stay away from heat styling as much as I could (unless I had an event or shoot which left me with no choice!). I used Creamsilk Daily Treatment Conditioner every single day because it’s the only thing that will let me detangle and run my fingers through my hair post bleach. I spritzed on argan oil after shower to seal in the moisture and prayed to the hair gods to save me. The result?

Day 1- My Book Launch in Cebu. We had a private screening of Rogue One so I had to make sure my hair was on point. No choice but to curl unfortunately. Here’s what it looks like up close.

The curl seals in the shine so it looks healthy, but zoomed in, it’s really not.

Day 2- Flight to Boracay

No heat styling but look at the ends- it’s still quite dry.

Day 3- In the Island

Thankfully the salty air, wind in hair look worked and I didn’t have to do much to my hair post conditioning.

Day 4- Beach Waves

Naturally, the beach will damage your hair. So I tied it up in a bun when the sun was out and let down my hair during sunset only.

Day 5- Last Day in Boracay

Sun damage!!! But you can tell my hair is getting silkier up top, but the bottom is still crispy fried chicken.


Day 6- Back to work

I had an event that day so again, no choice but to heat style.  🙁

Day 7- Day Trip and A Cut

Flew to Manila for the day for a photoshoot, and took the earliest flight. I had spare time so I decided to help my experiment go along with a nice blunt cut. Chopped off most of the damaged tips and colored my hair darker. I know I know- color damages. But I just really wanted to go darker for the holidays! 😛

Day 8- Family Shoot Day

Every Holiday season, my family takes a groupie. Well, a more staged production kind of a groupie. I didn’t want to restyle my hair anymore so I just didn’t wash it. #QueHorror! #SecondDayHair #CheatingOnTheChallenge

Day 9- Christmas Party Day

I washed it and did not heat style it AT ALL. How brave of me lol.

Day 10- Christmas Eve

I have revisited an old friend- Mr. Electric Fan. I washed my hair the night before and electric fan dried it before sleeping. When I woke up, my hair looked like this. A little flat but tame and a lot healthier.

Day 11- Christmas Day

Same technique as Day 10- and look what we have here. My hair looks alive again!

 Day 12- Taipei

We flew to Taipei the day after Christmas and even with the flight (which also dries you out considerably) my hair is alive again!!! Whoohoo! I could not be happier.

I’ve talked to the good people at Creamsilk Philippines about this mini challenge of mine and they’re keen on giving you guys something special so you can try it too. See, I’m always thinking of you lol.

In the comments below, tell me how you keep your hair beautiful and healthy this season! Hashtag #CreamSilkEveryday and get a chance to win free Cream Silk Gift packs!

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