20 in the bag

As per request, here’s another rendition of the many things you will find inside my purse (and of course, I mean a big one!) Enjoy!

1. iPhone with pretty new iPhone case that will be made available at WAGW this summer!

2. Apple earphones to watch videos or play music.

3. YSL Touche Eclat- my highlighting, light reflecting savior. YSL, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

4. Revlon Colorstay Pen eyeliner that I use to create my everyday look.

5. Lancome Hypnose Mascara- creates the longest clump free lashes (and it’s perfumed too!)

6. Nyx soft matte lippie. Not sure what the exact shade is, but its the one that comes with the Haute Jersey pack. (see #13)

7. MAC Myth Lippie. The perfect shade of nude.

8. Horsehair coin purse. Honestly, I bought this online from Romwe thinking it was a clutch! lol Its about the size of my iPhone!

9. Bag organizer. Ive have these in my bag since 2007! They are the BEST!

10. Envirosax- to save the world, one recyclable bag at a time!

11. Coach Poppy perfume- Thank you Estee Lauder for picking Gillian and I as the winners of your challenge!

12. SMART Rocket Chic Plug It– A blogger’s gotta have a reliable broadband stick in case of emergencies! This one is my favorite cause its pink and shiny!

13. Haute Jersey Palette from Nyx which I got from Windsor is the coolest! Its the size of a notebook and it packs all your make up necessities plus a mirror! Thats compact!

14. Louis Vuitton Mens Wallet- haven’t changed my wallet in years because nothing can ever beat the no nonsense ease that a mens wallet like this brings!

15. Goody Pony Pouf for bad hair days.

16. Prada baroque sunnies for too hot/too shy days.

17. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion to keep my skin silky smooth. I have super dry skin, so I use this in excess!

18. Clean and Clear oil control sheets- I use this instead of powder so my pores don’t clog up.

19. Kleenex Wet Wipes- OC-ness runs in my blood. Everthing’s gotta be squeeky clean!

20. Moleskin Diary- to jot down my insane schedule. Nothing beats writing things down!

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48 Responses to 20 in the bag

  1. Maple says:

    Hi Kryz, I love your pretty stuff. Your iPhone case is so cute. Will WAGW have a pink version of that? Do you know how much it would cost? Thank you!:)

  2. Jerica says:

    Hi! I recently bought Goody pony pouf thinking that i could replace my elastics with it. But it didn’t clip my thick hair. Guess my hair isn’t as good as yours!
    Anyway, don’t you keep a compact powder in your bag? For touch ups? :)

    • Kryz says:

      Really? Try using it like a half pony and see if it works? I have super thick hair too and I have to squeeze it in, but it works for me! :) Nope, just the oil control sheets. Powder retouching gives you black heads!

  3. Jerica says:

    I just gave my pony pouf to my mom. It works well with her hair. I’m sticking with my elastics until i find something better. Hahaha.
    I’m now going for the oil control sheets plus YSL touche eclat. It can be used as a concealer right? May i ask where you got yours? Thanks!

    • Kryz says:

      The Touche Eclat doesnt provide much coverage but it does wonders for highlighting and light reflecting :) Got mine in HK :)

  4. Chindy ♥ says:

    Hi Kryz! (: Where did you bought the handle mini bag? Thanks! God Bless.

  5. Chindy ♥ says:

    Can I also have the link of their website? Thanks again. ^^

  6. angel says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea. You inspire me in everything you did :)

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  8. Princess says:

    Where did you get that iPhone case? Do you have other designs as well?

  9. Crystal Yau says:

    Hi! I love your style :) you’re iconicc hehehee. anyways i was wondering where the yellow clutch is from?
    people say you’re my doppleganger haha if you check out my blog you can see if you agree! hehe much loveee girl!

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