23 things to do in Siargao

There are a lot of things you can do on this beautiful island aside from the obvious. Siargao is known world wide for it’s clean waves and surfing spots, but there is more to it than just that. Though the island’s culture alone will make you want to visit, here are a list of things you might enjoy doing as well while you’re there.

1. Hang out at Cloud 9 and make friends with the locals- they’re very nice (and funny!)

2. While you’re at Cloud 9, take advantage of the space and SHOOT beautiful photos! Would you believe the photo above was taken right below this walk bridge? It’s completely deserted!

3. Grab a bowl (or three) of yummy healthy goodness at Shaka.

4. Hang around and snap photos there too. Lighting is great!

5. Make new friends. Most of the people in the island are backpackers who love meeting new people along the way. I doubt there’s any other place in the Philippines with such a high tourist to local ratio. Make the most of it and make friends from all around the world!

6. Enjoy the sunset without buildings or pollution.

7. Play with oscar. He always hangs out here.

8. In Siargao, everyone parties together every night. No 2 places will have a party at the same time, so make sure you ask the locals who’s night it is when you get there. We had a blast at Harana resort where we met the sweetest Argentinian girl who kept saying “You live in Paradise!” and the coolest and funkiest DJ in history. See vlog.

9. Siargao is beautifully provincial and very tropical. Make use of the greenery and work it!

10. Use the time off to disconnect and enjoy the simple life. Surf, ride a bike, or stare into space!

11. Head over to Bravo for some tapas and cocktails, and maybe even get some playtime on their swing.

12. Coconut oil yourself and get a tan. Also, get some coconuts. They’re so cheap and soooo good for you!

13. Train your instagram boyfriend.

14. And let him capture random candid shots like this. Make sure you clean up good post surf!

15. Practice your bikini angles and hair flips. Shoot 1 million photos!

16. Get coffee at Cafe Loka.

17. Hang out here (in front of Cafe Loka)

18. Buy good sunblock. Cause girllll surfing sunburn hurts! (see above)

19. Go island hopping. They usually do 3 in 1’s (Guyam Island- above, Daku Island and Naked Island) in one day. Or go to Magpupungko when the tide is low.

20. Practice your wave shots. Girllll where else will you find a beach this empty?


VS Reality

21. Party on your own island! Bring drinks, speakers, cameras, towels and food! You can do whatever you want on the island! (This was taken at Daku Island)

22. WORK IT GIRL. Give it all you’ve got, even if that tree branch hurts!

Be one with the tree. You are the tree.

23. Be thankful. Because life is beautiful and we are so lucky to be alive. <3