On Board the Snow

Before this trip, the last time I was in Canada was 15 years ago, and all I really remember from that trip was how much I loved Whistler mountain and our crazy getting-lost-in-snow-wilderness adventures with Jack. I remember ski lifts, skiing down the slope and getting our hands and face so chilly, then rushing back to the lodge for some hot chocolate. The memories are so vivid on my mind that I couldn’t resist a trip back to Whistler when I was in town last month. This time, Jack and I decided to dip our toes into snowboarding. They said it would be more difficult, but we were so hyped up and ready for the challenge. We booked everything in advance online (which I recommend doing so you don’t waste time and you can plan accordingly) and were all set to go the very next day. Our friend Anne lent us some snow gear, and our other friend Jam picked us from Vancouver, up which saved us a lot of hassle bringing our luggage to the bus/train station early in the morning (Thanks guys!!!). We ended up getting to see Shannon Falls too as a pit stop on the way to the mountain! Once we got to Whistler, we had some yummy peaked pies and then headed straight for the slopes. It was such a fun experience, and after about an exhausting half hour of training, Jack and I finally got it down pat and we spent the rest of the afternoon just sliding down the Black Comb. It felt like such a huge a huge accomplishment because the very first time we set foot down that hill, we felt like it was impossible! We kept boarding til the slopes closed down for the day, and then headed back to the village for some hot chocolate and then some yummy Mexican food. (I swear, Canada has really gotten me to appreciate my Tacos more!) Definitely the perfect way to cap my trip to BC. Hoping I can visit again soon- and this time, hopefully it will take me less than a decade do it!