5 No Fail Gifts to Make Mom Feel Special

If there’s one person who’s had your back since day one, it’s your mom. If there’s one person you owe your life to- heck, it’s mom. She carried you for 9 months and sacrificed her own body for you. She fed you and nurtured you whenever you cried, even when she was exhausted. She worked long hours to put you through good schools, and bit her tongue when you were going through that nasty adolescent stage. There’s always food on the table, or medicine when you need it because mom was always looking out for you. This Sunday, we celebrate moms all over the world and thank them for being our personal superheroes. If you’re wondering how you can ever repay her, here are a few no-fail ways guaranteed to make her smile.


If you’re anything like me, you’re probably neck deep in work and finding it harder and harder to squeeze time in to relax or bond with mom. While it’s perfectly okay to hustle, you need to find the balance between managing your work, and managing your relationships. Remember, it’s harder to fix the later. If you’re really super duper busy, include her in your day! Squeeze her in your lunch break (above) or…

hit the gym with her. Wondering where she is? Look down.

She was busy taking my Instagram photo! Most moms will probably never fully understand our obsession with documenting everything, but I’m lucky enough to have one that loves it as well. Guys, mom has her own set of #OOTDs, Travelgrams and even her own hashtags 😅



Waking up early on a Sunday is probably some sort of crazy torture technique, but for mom- you gotta do it. She sacrificed sleep for you as an infant, and made you breakfast for xx number of years. You have to return the favor. Make her a really pretty spread of all the things she loves, and make sure she doesn’t lift a finger!


Your mom probably grew up in a time where couples wrote love letters to each other, and pen pals were a thing. Revisit that and make her relive those good old days with some pen and post its. Leave her short little notes that she’ll be happy to find as she goes on with her day. Ex: You can leave one in the car saying “have a safe trip!” or on her bathroom mirror saying “You look beautiful today!”


The world is going digital so fast and we hardly have any photos in print now-a-days. Make mom feel extra pretty and special by printing out her best photo and framing it. That way, when she looks at that photo days, weeks or months from now, she’ll remember all the effort and good times you guys had on this very day.

5. Start the #TimeForMom habit

If you can’t be with her personally, make her a video greeting or video chat with her! Guys, I watched this video (below) and felt sooooo guilty. AKO NA AKO YAN sa video. (Except I don’t see her calling and purposely not answer hahaha *mom if you’re reading this, sorry!) Watch it, I’m sure relate kayo. It only takes so little to make #TimeForMom so let’s make the effort and try to include her in our lives! #LikeNeverBefore


Mother’s Day isn’t only for moms, don’t forget your grandma’s and aunties!!!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!