7 Things to Wish For

1. YSL Arty Gold-plated glass ring

2. Balenciaga Arena Giant Rose Gold City in Glycine

3. Bodie and Fou Votive Candles

4. John Apel Green Tourmaline Earrings in 18 Karat Gold

5. Proenza Schouler PS1 Large in Pytho

6. Michael Kors Stainless Steel Chronograph Bracelet Watch

7. Valentino Rockstud Sling Back T.100 in Powder

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20 Responses to 7 Things to Wish For

  1. Kristine says:

    The bag <3

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    For affordable arm candies and clothing.
    Thank you! :)

  2. Honey Lyn says:

    i love balenciaga bags! I first saw their collection in clozette.co. lovely bags:)

  3. MM says:

    just saw the ring in camille co’s recent post haha

  4. Isa says:

    I do want a watch! But I think the ring is the coolest item here.


  5. Tasha D. says:

    You should 1st get Proenza! It’s less “overexposed” compared to Balenciaga! Less chances of seeing another one carry the same bag as yours! haha!

  6. Adeola Naomi says:

    Those Valentino are my latest nightmare!
    I want them and I keep seeing them everywhere.

  7. Marnelli says:

    ohhh that Proenza bag :) it looks great in python! I can only have it in my dreams tho haha

  8. Tricia says:

    Balenciaga bag tops my wishlist this year as well! :) You should go bug someone to give you the YSL Arty Glass Ring as I’ve heard from a YSL insider that it will be discontinued! I did some panic buying when I heard about this. You should too. LOL. ;p

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