A different side of Boracay

When I think of Boracay, the first thing that pops to mind is the beautiful and unmatched powdery white sand- and all the years I’ve partied straight on it during Labor Day weekend. For the first time though, Slater and I got to see a different side to the island. We went for his birthday weekend with Henann Prime Beach last month. Not only was the weather completely opposite- think rains and clouds instead of blistering heat. The beach was quiet. You could walk through stations without saying “Excuse Me” to a ton of people. It was less of a fashion show or a buff bods runway, and more of a relaxing getaway. We loved starting our days slow with breakfast (or brunch) at Henann’s beach front. Aaah I can still taste the Fresh Buko! Afternoons were spent walking around spots we didn’t use to check out before. We walked to Nami restaurant and had a few drinks, trekked deep into the water when the tide was low and even went on a Parasailing adventure one perfect afternoon. Another one for the books, and glad I spent it with someone I love! Enjoy the photos!




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