Afternoon Sun

There’s something so serene and beautiful about late afternoon bursts of golden sun. It’s so hard to capture moments like these because they go away so quickly. You always have to be at the right place at the right time. So, the moment I saw the sun coming down, I stopped the car, got off and soaked it in (squeezing some outfit shots in the process, of course!) So happy to be wearing cool pastels and a clean face that perfectly complemented the softness and ease of these photos.

What do you think?

Lemon Online Blazer (similar here), Sparkle Coutre corset, Topshop skirt, Philip Stein watchLulu’s heels

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56 Responses to Afternoon Sun

  1. Faith says:

    So few naman the pics, sobrang bitin!

  2. Queenly says:

    Hi Kryz! I really love you and your style :) Plus your hair and because of that, I just digipermed my hair also! 2 weeks ago yay! <3

  3. Macy says:

    Hey Kryz! Just wanted to ask where you permed your hair? :)

  4. Isa says:

    Love how the blazer pulls this all together – and it’s such a beautiful color, too!

  5. ish says:

    love the look, the color of the blazer is amazing and love the strappy heels really classy
    xxx ish

  6. Smother me says:

    wow :)) love the look 😀

  7. Caroline says:

    great like usual – love your shoes !

  8. Frances says:

    I’m in love with your whole outfit. The colors are such a happy statement.
    I really love reading your outfit posts because you’re always giving me ideas on what to wear and how to wear clothes on my blog.
    You are such an inspiration for newbie fashion bloggers like me.
    Please keep posting. :)


  9. Nadine Co says:

    Love the lens flare! It gives any photo such a great feel. :)

  10. The effect of the sun on the first photo, kudos! :)

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    For affordable arm candies and clothing.
    Thank you!

  11. chippie says:

    The sunset is a luxury in the city :( I remember an instance back in fourth grade around ten years ago, I was just standing outside the school gate and staring at the sunset. They used to be something I take for granted, now I’d be giddy and all whenever I see one.

  12. Amazing outfit! Love the pictures!!

    -xoxo- lorena

  13. I love the pictures so much!!!!! Your look is really refreshing! :) Love everything!


  14. cathy says:

    I love the super fun color of your blazer!!!
    Win a Gold Peter Pan Collar Necklace here!
    Check out my recent outfit post:

  15. candace says:

    i love this look !

    ♡ candace from [ aphrodite blue ]

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