All Eyes on Me (The Fashion Blogger)

Can you say WHOOOOAH?? I have to say… that is one HUGE TARP! I wanted to instagram that thing as soon as I laid my eyes on it, but it wouldn’t fit and the square frame just didn’t do it justice! #firstworldproblems So instead, here Laur and I posed with it and it is now the first image of this blog post! Hurrah! (P.S. spot the lovely lady taking outfit shots behind us! Well, what do you expect? It’s a talk about fashion blogging, so naturally, there would be fashion bloggers!) Before I start with this experience, let me show you what I wore to the event!

In complete contrast to my dad (who is an international public speaker), I absolutely loathe speaking in public. It’s not that I’m shy or that I get butterflies in my stomach or whatever, but because I hate the feeling of having a ton of people watching me. I know, how ironic- a fashion blogger who posts photos of herself, yet doesn’t wan’t people looking at her! WAIT! Before you close that tab on your browsers, hear me out! Having people look at you on the screen is completely different from having people look at you LIVE (not dead… corny lol) and in person. Henceforth (oh yes, that term is completely necessary here), I decided to translate those feelings into my outfit. After all, clothes are a manifestation of who you are, and what you want to portray, right? All eyes on me is this time not only happening figuratively, but quite literally too! It has absolutely no logical value, but this actually helped me feel a little bit more at ease during the talk! The power of clothes- it’s amazeballs!

Again, I had with me my new fave travel bag- this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I got from Ever since I signed up with them, I get emails daily that drive me absolutely crazy. Not because they’re annoying and they want to make me hit the unsubscribe button- they’re totally subscribe worthy!- but because every day they have these HUGE sales on all my favorite designer brands that are quite scarily making my bank accounts cry (*slash* jump with joy on the discounts!). I think my unhealthy obsession with online shopping has just gotten unhealthier with this site, but it’s really addicting. I don’t know where else I can find such big sales all under one site- and it’s not of those start up design houses too. You can get Givenchy, Balenciaga, Prada, MiuMiu and all those other favorites on there! Plus, my favorite part is that the company is just based in Singapore, so it only takes 5-7 days for the shipment to arrive at your doorstep (without customs fees!). When you sign up with them using this link and enter “KRYZ10″ as a discount code upon checkout, you will get 10% off on your first purchase on top of sign up discounts. From June 12-14, they’re having a sale on top of the sale because of the Great Singapore Sale (that’s a lot of sales!), all you need to do is type in “TWIN18” coupon code and you get additional 18% off! Soooo sulit! They also have a PH based FB account which you can follow here.

Aaaanyway back to my look. Here I am again with my favorite overused vest (magsawa kayo lol) that I obviously can’t get over. Instead of telling you how awesome it is, you should totally just get one and see for yourself! What do you think of my look?

WAGW vest and necklace, Lovely Sally one piece, Leatherette shorts (similar here), Aldo heels, Goody hair elastics

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Now finally, on to the talk! When Laur, Cams and I arrived, David and Lissa were already wrapping up their segment. They had 200+ slides made with David’s impeccable powerpoint skillz (with a z), while the three of us only had this piece of paper as our guide! But don’t worry, we totally rocked the talk because our friendship was so overwhelmingly welcoming and entertaining that we had everyone laughing with us the entire time! (ooo diba?)

Aside from giving a whole lot of blogging tips and sharing the story of how we all became friends, we also called on the audience for volunteers on who could show us our signature poses. Apparently, mine is the one above! Lol So funny to have other people pay so much attention to these little things! When I saw my sweet reader’s interpretation of me, all I could say was “omg thats totally me!” lol

The three of us also split up and talked about our strengths- Laureen talked about how to layer on accessories, Camille did print on print, and I did hair and make-up! It was quite fun actually because even if we all had different things to say, we all ended up helping each other out without planning to, and finishing each others sentences while we were at it! The test of true friendship?

Thank you to everyone who came to the talk and shared your Sunday with us! We all really had an amazing time and I’m wishing there were more events like these that we could all participate in! Totally something I would do over and over again! Public speaking fear, I’ve just kicked your ***!