All my bags are packed

Hello from the airport! I’m leaving for a quick overnight trip to HongKong today for a special collaboration with a legendary design house! I’m so overwhelmed and  thankful to be chosen for such a big opportunity like this! I can’t wait to spill the beans, but for now, you’ll just have to stay tuned and see!

Today I have on a pretty embellished top from WAGW and leather garter shorts from Clothes for the Goddess. Its about “air-con” temperature in HongKong, so all I need is to pop a pretty mustard coat on, some low boots and I’m done!

 I’m taking with me my Mujjo iPhone sleeve, and my new earplug accessory from iNako because it just matches so perfectly with it!

 Marc Jacobs Wallet and Passport Holder to house my Pilipinas Pasaporte!

 Of course, can’t live without a small bottle of perfume in my purse, and what better to keep me smelling fresh than this mini RL number 3? Foldable Jimmy Choo sunnies have to come too! Love that they’re so convenient and small they fit right into my bag!

 And last but not least, here’s a big hint on what I’ll be working on. Any clues? 🙂 See you in HongKong!