All we ever do

Photo by Lea Ann
Modeling/ Styling/ MUAΒ by me

Clothes fromΒ WAGW (Click here to order)

In a span of one week, this sheer cardigan was worn five times. Thrice by me, and twice by my sister. I know I know, what was I thinking? Well, there’s just something about this cardigan that I cant get over. Semi sheer, electric pleats, pearl buttons, big bow…whats not to love? Of course, I didn’t wear it to the same places. I wore it to work, to a dinner date and to a photoshoot. Its just too unbelievably convertible and so easy to throw on with absolutely anything! I was debating whether to get the lavender or blush colored one, and it took me quite some time to decide. Blush won me over simply because I bought it with this gray dress. Pink and gray make me swoon.

This weekend will be incredibly photo heavy! I’m having 4 shoots in 3 days. I cant lie and pretend I’m excited. I’m excited for the photos, but not the hours of grueling labor that go into them! Im incredibly devastated because I had to turn down some projects that I already agreed on doing, because my schedule just wouldn’t permit. I think I pretty much disappointed a few people. I really wish I could be superwoman and do everything at once, but alas, I can not. πŸ™ Nothing left to do but wish myself some luck.