Another round of: What’s in my bag?

As per request, here’s another round of What’s in my bag, Oct 2011 edition! hahaha

For this short weekend trip to the big city, I brought the classic black Prada Nappa Gaufre bag so it would easily go with all of my outfits. I’m not really a bag person, so simple bags that I can use over and over again are always my first choice. I love this bag in particular because the size is just perfect for all my stuff, and it looks so feminine with the little rushing effect, yet also so classy! Plus, it looks good without going over the top, or trying to hard, which I’m all about.

So moving on… here’s what I have inside it right now:

L-R: Topshop sunnies, Mac lippie in Myth, Carmex lip balm, Blackberry c/o Sun, “Whiteberry”, Johnson and johnson’s summer cologne, Sunforgettable science pro sunblock powder, LV wallet, Kleenex tissue, Starbucks coffee passport, Apple earphones, G-tech signpen, Goody Spin Pins, Cathay Pacific baghook, Anastasia Beverly Hills bronzer (which I just got today! Thank you!), Ipad, Moleskin planner, Anna Sui coin purse, Canon Ixus 115 camera, Kiehl’s Creme de Crops lotion, Majolica Majorca mascara

Phew! There you go! Is there anything here that catches your eye, or anything you think is strange to have in my bag? haha I’d love to know what you think and what you keep inside your bags as well! Feel free to leave a comment (I’ll be sure to reply!)

Also, as per request, I will be doing another blog post about whats new in my make up arsenal, so watch out for that!