Around HongKong

It’s funny how I don’t like wearing travel-friendly winter clothes when I travel. I always try to look “local,” even if it means freezing in stockings-too-thin or being so uncomfortably in heels and a dress. Well, I thought it was high time to be appropriate (finally, right?). So for a long day of work and play around HongKong, I wore jeans (much to my dad’s surprise and equal delight), a polo and a sweater. It doesn’t get comfier than this! Train rides, long haul car rides, meetings, shopping and a surprisingly good Salmon burger later, I was as energized as when I woke up! Damn, I’ve been missing out!

Romwe sweater, Sunnies by Charlie, Zara pants, WAGW polo, Kate Spade bag, Oh Love slips

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