Around Sydney with Olay

I had the privilege of touring around the incredibly beautiful city of Sydney as a guest of Olay Asia, and I can tell you right now- it was absolutely amazing. Sydney is one of those places you just know you’ll keep coming back to. The perfect place to raise a family too, imho. (Not that I’m thinking of doing that, noooo, not ready, too young.) Part of the reason the experience was so awesome for me is probably because the Olay team really took care of us and made the trip super memorable. I met the best teams, had such a huge and super fancy hotel suite, from The Darling no less, all to myself, room service every damn day, ate at the best restaurants and went around all the must-see places. I have so many stories and new discoveries to share with you, but I have to make you guys wait one more month before I am allowed to release it, so hope you guys can hold your horses! For now, a mini travel diary of my first two days there! Enjoy!