B I P O L A R and then some

Scrunch Bipolar tank, Zara skirt, So FAB heels, Ciara Marasigan custom made necklace

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The story behind each piece I’m wearing:

1. This shirt perfectly describes what I’m feeling. Flying back and forth across cities is driving me crazy! I hate packing, I hate airports and sucky airlines, and I hate creepy plane seatmates. So much hate!

2. I got this black rushed tulle skirt from Zara because I thought it was cute when Boop Yap held it up, and she rushed to find me one for myself. I was too hiya not to buy it and waste her scavenging efforts. I never wore it because it was too loose on me, and the asymmetric hem rode up too high. Some pins and guts later- voila!

3. My mom is a sucker for jewelry. When she found out about Ciara Marasigan’s “Ciara Creates” line a few years ago, we all got ourselves custom made pieces. Ciara made this necklace for my mom before bib necklaces became a hit. Everyone who sees this necklace always compliments it on its impecably creative and clean workmanship.

4. I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking about the comfort of these heel-less shoes from So Fab. To be honest- they hurt like hell. Well, thats probably because I got mine in a size too small. It was the last pair and I had to have it. It’s just soooo pretty! Plus, I love the mary jane detail that makes my yucky ballerina feet seem nice and sexy. Mary jane pumps really do that.

5. This glamorous crystal encrusted cuff belongs to my sister, Jack. It was given to her as a gift from her language partner, back when she studied at Beijing. I stole it. Teehee. BUT you can’t blame me because it’s soooooo awesome and it glams up your outfit instantly. It was calling out to me. :(

It’s fun to think about each piece and the stories and character it brings. Try to think about the stories behind your outfit! You’ll get a kick out of it, I’m sure!


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22 Responses to B I P O L A R and then some

  1. Rizza Lana says:

    i finally found a pair of this heel-less shoes on So Fab. I love how they’re keeping up on trends with a super affordable price 😉

  2. I adore your necklace! :) And nakakatuwa ngang isipin ang story behind just about every little thing XD

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