Baby Love

Aloha from The Philippines! I’m back baby!!! It feels nice to shed layers and layers of clothes, and finally walk out in summer wear again! Winter is tough, guys! It feels even nicer to finally sleep in my own bed after a month. I had the deepest, most relaxing sleep last night!!! This morning, I saw my dad for the first time since I got back. I greeted him hello, his response was a merely “oh, you finally decided to come home?” lol 😅 Anyway, yes I AM HOME and finally ready to take on all the work I left behind. (kelangan ko kumayod para maka travel ulit!!!) I know I’ve been posting a series of travel diaries lately, but today, I really wanted to insert a little up-to-date hello because I miss you guys so much! So… hello!

I arrived from the States last February 6, and Slater and I took a connecting flight to Cebu from Manila that same day. We got here at about 8AM and I immediately went home, unpacked, re-packed and drove to Shangri-la Mactan for a a 3 day event. Today is literally the first day in a month that I am able to sit down in my own desk and type this post for you guys. It feels gooooood!

Obviously, I want to show you guys what I’ve been up to, so I’m going to share a few photos I took of those days at the beach. I finally got to take out my February Lifestyle Tote again!!! My blogger besties were on that same event trip with me, and I was surprised to find most of them bringing their totes and slings from February Lifestyle as well! I swear I didn’t ask them to! lol

These are a few of the things I kept in it. Wallet, sunnies, make up remover wipes, facial mist and my new discovery- Belo Baby Hand Santizer. I am obsessed with it. Why? Because it’s made for babies and in my mind, anything made for babies is soft and good for sensitive skin. I travel and work a lot, I meet people and shake hands with them all the time and I’m a clean freak. That means I’m exposed to a lot of bacteria- I’m sure you guys are too! We just don’t realize it! I used to wash my hands all the time which explains why I’m quite vein-y. But it gets tiring to have to run to the comfort room. Then I switched to alcohol, but I heard it’s not good for you and it really dries out my skin. Normal gel sanitizers feel weird for me, so I’m happy I finally found this sanitizer in a non-sticky, spray formula.

In fact, I love it so much, I brought all variants. 😂 Nagulat si Jack nung pinapashoot ko to sa kanya! It’s only P49.75, so I figure I should stock up on it because I use it so much anyway. I wanted to test out which particular fragrance I liked the most. The winner…

GRAPE! I dont know if it’s because of the smell or the color but I just seem to gravitate towards this all the time. Also, I like it because it makes me think of the very very very cute Scarlet Snow Belo!!! Who here is obsessed with watching her videos on Instagram?? Isn’t she the cutest??? Parang snow white na angel na ewan basta sobrang cute niya!!!

 And lastly, I want to talk to you guys about my beautiful sexy dress from NBD that I got at Revolve Clothing. I made sure to wear it ASAP because I wanted to shoot it and show you guys how absolutely PERFECT it is for Valentines Day!!! Am I right or am I right??? Because I’m such an island girl, I loved that I could wear this dress to the beach and easily dress it down with a few native pieces. But if you’re a city girl or you want to go all out, it would look equally stunning with metallics and super sexy strappy heels! What do you think?

February Lifestyle bag
NBD dress via Revolve Clothing
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24 Responses to Baby Love

  1. Kristine says:

    What’s with you Ms. Kryz? Bakit anong isuot mo, you always look stunning and beautiful?
    Pahawa naman diyan. hehe
    Love you Ms. Kryz!

  2. Denise says:

    Ugghh Kryz! You look so gorg with your dress ♥


  3. Jolene says:

    YAY! YOURE FINALLY HOME! HAHA AND YAY IT’S YOUR Bag line’s month lol really wanted to buy that tote/sling bag from february lifestyle but gotta save first *fingerscrossed sooonest xx ps super love your dress

  4. Klah - Klah says:

    Yaaay! See you around. Is it okay if I let you sign my book if I’ll see you? Promise! Di ko musamok if ga date mong Slater lol 😀

  5. Jennifer says:

    Love your dress! It’s so pretty. :)

  6. rikka says:

    Ate kryz anong meron s camera mo sobrang professional na ung mga shots (insert shock emoji 😀

  7. Bilzy says:

    Hello te Kryz! laban lang ang kayoood hahahah

  8. Rachel says:

    Beautiful dress! You look so pretty!

  9. Jaymie says:

    love your dress! ♥

  10. Lorena A. says:

    In love with the dress!
    Lmao I’m the kind of person who can’t feel my hands dirty a su well I’m always washing them or using hand sanitizer so many times a day people think I’m insane. I’ll try to look for the one you show us in this post around here -in Peru- hopefully I’ll find it or something similar :)

  11. dyna says:

    What’s on that dress Kryzzzie? When i saw picture at the top, i scrolled down first to see the next photos and I immediately felt so inlove. . It matched your back skin color. . Why are you so Fab? Whatever you wear?

    You are also a fan of Scarlet Snowbelo, Yey. . She is a Heaven Sent Angel. She is a stress-reliever baby. She is so bright. She can speak english so well at her very young age and she already knew what she wants to be in the future – – – and she pronounced it well DERMATOLOGIST.

    Kryzzie, make yours na din hehehehe. I am so excited to see Baby Kryz.

  12. rosemarie says:

    i love every bit of your posts Kryzz :)

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