Bacolod Day 3: The Fun

Time for our fun fun fun Bacolod Masskara photos! I choose the decent ones to show you, hope you enjoy!

 My favorite places to eat in Bacolod are Aboy’s for meals and Calea for dessert. Aboy’s serves authentic Filipino food that just makes my palette burst with flavor! I love the Blue Marlin Pangga, Scallops and Clam soup. And yes, I had extra rice.

Calea is the city’s most popular pastry place, and its no wonder why. We ordered six of their cakes because we couldn’t narrow them down any further!

To go to Sober club was one of the funnest decisions we made. Our bartender, Ryan, was so entertaining, and he kept having Boy VS Girl challenges which were beyond fun! I posted a photo of their shots on instagram, and it got about 6000 likes in 2 hours! The next night, they let me in for free! *happy dance*

There were so many things being sold along Lacson Street, but the one that Mike loved the most was the one above. Balut is a one day old chick. It’s the famous and controversial Philippine Delicacy which I will never ever eat ever! lol

My favorite part of the Masskara festival was getting to go around the city with my mask on, celebrate with everyone and just basically have a good time. Of course, being in the company of friends makes that experience ten times better. I love how “team cebu” was super game to do anything! And even my idea to get them to try sober club, was only met with very light resistace lol. We had a few rounds of sight seeing, jeepney/pick up riding, masskara shopping, and stranger-meeting, a whoooole lot of food tripping, partying and just having a blast. This trip was really one for the books!

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28 Responses to Bacolod Day 3: The Fun

  1. Chippie says:

    I wish I got to see you! But I was in Iloilo during this time :( You should come over next time!

    • Chippie says:

      I was about to message you about Aboy’s but turns out you ate there already. Hihi. :D Try Pala-pala too, they also serve seafood. But I enjoy Aboy’s more. :D

      Also did you try Calea’s carrot cake? It’s AWESOME. And Bascon’s too, especially in their branch on the way to University of St. La Salle (I actually haven’t been to their Lacson branch but the ambience in the former is so so good).

      And did you go to the Café Bobs deli? They make the best pizzas. And sandwiches. And wow, this is making me really excited :D

    • Kryz says:

      Thanks Chippie! I will!

  2. Toni says:

    Why can you always pull of everything that you weaaar? So pretty lagi kahit simple lang clothes mo diyan. Anyway, I need some styling tips from you. I bought 3 neon pants pang-color blocking: yellow, green, and blue. How can I wear them? Then, I also have high-waisted lace shorts from F21, what can I wear with the shorts? THAAAANKS! If possible, shoes, accessories, top, and hairstyle. THANKS talaga!

  3. Taipei Style says:

    It seems so funny and entertaining! Enjoy it! :)


  4. Jam-Di says:

    Looked so much fun! I wish I could have attended too :) I remember this festival in our 6th Grade Camp, this is the dance we performed with customized masks where we could barely breath and speak! We even tried to yell “MASKARA” with these on in the Camp Fire. The smoke was trapped in our masks and it was so hot with the flames behind us! But I was so happy about it, I think we’re the winners of the Camp Fire… Just I’m sure we had an award in it.

    Oh yeah, you really look great ate Kryz! Ang ganda niyo kahit simplend top and shorts lang :)

  5. SoberClub says:

    Cheers to Kryz and Team Cebu! Thanks for being super game! See you sinulog? ;)

  6. Kristine says:

    The pictures proved the title right! :)

    Unique arm candies at very low prices at Green Berries!

  7. Chacha says:

    wow! hope i could visit Bacolod during the festival You really had fun.

  8. Kathryn Taton says:

    I’m soo sad! I didn’t see you and to think I was just around SoberClub! But I’m glad you loved Bacolod! ’til your next visit here!

  9. Caroline says:

    envy you this kind of fun! Looks so funny, love it :) next time you’ll enjoy it twice (once for me, haha)

  10. ohh… so busy at work, i forgot about the feast… anywey, theres always next time. next year… so pretty kryz…

  11. Milbe says:

    I love visiting your blog but when you posted about my city, you amaze me!
    I wish I met you when you were around in Bacolod, too bad my masskara days are exams days, ugh!
    Anyways, are you coming back here? I really want to meet you ;)

  12. prexie says:

    the second picture from the top of your Bacolod Day 3: The Fun pics, across that place is where i used to the back of L’Fisher hotel.. i miss my friends already…

  13. Hey Kryz, glad you had a blast at Bacolod! We took snaps of you and your friends partying it up at Republiq’s Neon Party @ L’Fisher Chalet Roofdeck. Here ya go

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