Bad Hair Day (and an Easy Solution)

I hate bad hair days. #WhoDoesn’t right? I hate it because it automatically makes it three times harder to snap decent photos! I always have to angle myself so I don’t look like a frizzy lioness, and I always end up wanting to not-shoot any thing! I recently got my hair colored for the very first time, and I have no idea why but my hair automatically became dryer, and my curls sort of un-curled themselves and became a lump of humidity collecting madness. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t regret coloring my hair one bit. But I had to battle with bad hair days for 2 weeks straight before I finally found the solution. (Which I will tell you guys about in 2 weeks or so! haha I need to see if it really works before I go on recommending it right?) Anyway, back when my hair was a mess, I tried blow drying it to tame it down, but it only further damaged my hair and made it dryer. Even with tons of conditioner, I felt like it wasn’t absorbing anything and nothing was working. So what I did was after towel drying my hair, I flipped my head over and facing an electric fan, combed it straight through until it dryed. The result was a volumized semi-straight mane, which was waaaaay better than the crazy you see in these photos. (Don’t tell me they look fine, they dont! I just hide it well haha!) So for those out there battling with the same problem, try the electric fan solution. You don’t tire your hands from holding a blow dryer for so long, and you don’t damage your hair cause it’s cool wind! It totally worked for me and I hope it soft of helps you too!

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