Basically Basic

Here’s a little palette cleanser before I bombard you with more fun and amazing activities happening in my lifeΒ (still and always will be thankful!). I think these photos best represent a thought I want to share with you guys. Sometimes we only tend to reflect on where we are or what we’re doing when we reach a crossroads in life, or when we’re faced with heavy obstacles that we can’t solve. However, I want to encourage everyone to always take a little time off to think about the positive things happening around you as well. You’ll learn to be more appreciative, contented, and humbled. Life is so incredibly wonderful. We get to write our own history, take our own paths, and be part of other people’s journeys. There are so many lemons to make lemonade with, and so many things to charge to experience. Sometimes, we just need to sit back and look at where we are from a distance to know where we should be heading and who’s waiting for us at each turn.

My outfit for today is made up of black and white pieces juxtaposed to create a fun and quirky outfit to wear to the office (with a skirt) or school (with oxfords) or anywhere you want! I love how easy it is to create looks with black and white. Almost anything will seem picture perfect!

What do you think?

Clothes for the Goddess top, Closet Goddess shorts (similar here), HOB bag, Call It Spring heels (similar here), Romwe necklace (layered with another necklace), Zero UV sunnies

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