BC Blue

Aaaand we’re back to Granville Island and enjoying this spectacular view of the city from the dock. It was pretty chilly that day. Jack had work and Diane and I were left to explore the city by ourselves. I already knew exactly where to go, so I asked Diane to come out and enjoy it with me. Now my eldest sister is something else. She is quite afraid… of everything. LOL. Birds, dogs, dirt, the news, actual events (lol lol lol) you name it, she hates it! But, I knew it was too good of a day to be spent inside. So even if I knew she was scared of all the flying pigeons by the water, I forced her out (to take my photos of course!)  Diane made quite a scene (which I captured on my Snapchat: kryzzzie) by refusing to leave the safety of the market, and clinging on for dear life at the door while I repeatedly asked her to come out and play. The tourists’ were trapped inside because she was blocking the door! I just kept laughing the whole time! I can remember it just like it were yesterday! At long last, she finally gave in and after a few quick minutes, we got to breathe in the cool air and watch the sun set over the rest of Vancouver.

More about this beautiful city soon!

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