Be Real

I already told you guys about the main reason behind the Dove Summit I attended a few weeks back. Here’s another way it inspired me to really get out there and treat myself with the respect I truly deserve.

Breathe In. By this time, I was already in Manila for about 2 weeks, severely homesick, and desperately needing a dose of Cebu’s fresh air. I couldn’t find it in myself to be surrounded by buildings 24/7! Thank God the Summit was held at Sofitel Manila, where I immediately took ample time to bask under the palm trees and fresh morning light. Aaah greenery, just the way I like it! In that small aspect, I realized that we should really take time to breathe- out of the office, out of our stresses, and just relax. Detox from society. I clearly can’t stand constantly being surrounded by people and cameras and work (Celebrities must truely be stars to survive a life with no breaks!). We owe it to ourselves to detach when we feel like we need it, to step out of our bubble for a quick breather so ย that we can come back fully recharged and in control.

Eating. Sofitel is known for it’s immense buffet selection, which I was able to sample a small part of during our breakfast meal. I immediately went for all the yummy deep fried, overly cheesed and sweet stuff when I saw Lissa’s plate of greens and oats. MAN. What a bummer. lol. But I saw the opportunity to be creative with my selections to come up with an equally yummy but oh so healthy alternative. The result? A banana strawberry parfait with Museli! It was sooo good! We always check labels on make up and tech reviews on our gadgets, and I think it’s high time we check out the ingredients of what we put into our bodies too. Pick the right types of food that will energize you, sustain you and compliement your lifestyle. You are what you eat, and you definitely don’t want to be greasy, fatty, sticky and oily, right?

Drinking. After breakfast, we went straight for the Dove villas where we got to test our own skin’s moisture levels and conduct experiments on hair. The thing that got to me the most was how my skin was only at 30% moisture when placed with Milk, as compared to the others 70-90%! My skin was soooo dry! I know why that happens too, I drink too much coffee and too little water when I have naturally dry skin to begin with. My skin is always flaking (eww right) cause it’s so dry, and I’m too lazy to reapply lotion after I wash my hands. Well, not anymore. Lesson learned. From that day on forward, I consume more than 8 glasses a day and I feel great! Except I pee a loooot more but my skin feels so much better and everyone tells me I’m glowing! It’s just water guys! And Dove soap of course, but that never changed ever since I was a kid!

Living. Last but not the least, Dove asked us to write down our pledges for ourselves, and after all of the realizations brought to light by the seminar, I made an oath to myself to be more confident in my own skin. That includes treating myself right physically, emotionally and spiritually! If I have dreams, I chase them- no one is holding me back. If I have fitness goals, I wake up with energy and push myself to conquer them one drop of sweat at a time. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve. So thankful to have participated in this summit because it surely opened my eyes to all of the things I am capable of! Hope you guys realize it too!

In the spirit of chasing your dreams, here’s this week’s #WranglerSunChaserย challenge. Do something for the very first time! Its in our DNA to want to to where we have never been before, and experience something new. Go for it! You could win a trip of a lifetime to any destination of choice or P8000 worth of swag! What have you got to lose? More detailsย here.


Last week’s winner was @anndexplorer- look at her all geared up and ready to soar! Congratulations Ann!