Beads of Glory

I’ve been wanting to show you these stunning necklaces that’s coming next month on WAGW for the longest time, and I just can’t take it any longer! Aren’t they just breathtaking? It’s amazing what they can do to a simple outfit like this! If you want some for yourself, feel free to order in advance here. My readers always get first dibs!

I wore this outfit on a busy day of styling. (Can’t wait to show you what for either!) I usually just thrown on anything neon and match it with black and a good set of accessories when  I’m lazy. It always works!

This top is actually a dress from Topshop. I like reinventing pieces and wearing them in multiple ways to get the most out of them. Dresses as tops are a no brainer multi-way option!

The sunny day didn’t bother me much because my dress came with so much cutout details, and made me feel pretty breezy! I love cutout surprised like these for comfort reasons more than anything else. When you live in a tropical country with scorching heat like ours, you gotta make do!

What do you think?

Topshop dress (worn as top), House of Eva skirt, WAGW ring and layered necklaces, Zara sandals

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