Bean Boozled Challenge Feat. Laureen Uy

Meet my sister from another mister- Laureen Uy!!! Okay, okay, in all seriousness- to the gazillion people who always ask if we are related… the answer is- NO. We are just friends. But we are such good friends and I always have an amazing time with this woman that I decided it would be fun to do a collab for you guys. This time, we try out the Bean Boozled Challenge! Laureen and I played for a bit before the boys got bossy and we decided to let them play with us too. Watch Miggy, Laureen, Slater and I swallow vomit and boogers below. #ewww Enjoy!

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11 Responses to Bean Boozled Challenge Feat. Laureen Uy

  1. chai says:

    where can we buy this in cebu?

  2. chai says:

    where to buy this in cebu?

  3. Jolene says:

    HAHAAHHA UY!! Most people yan talaga ang tanong haha! And omg been boozled YUM (*ewww) HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

  4. Nicay Perez says:

    Omg! I saw this on your channel and sobrang saya! Namiss ko tuloy ang vlog squad ko sa pinas. And as always you never fail me na ma love kayong lahat lalo Ms. Kryz! All the love from Dubai ❤

  5. Steff says:

    Have much fun while watching this video on ur channel :) ,,hehe but anyways I really thought na related talaga kayo bcuz u have the same Last name,now I know hindi pala hehe .. But ur really have a good foundation of friendship . ❤ Na mimiss ko na tuloy yung mga besties ko .

  6. REM says:

    Is it really taste bad? HAHAHAH

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