So… I wrote a book.

AAAAAAH I wrote a book!!!! I can finally scream it from the top of my lungs!!! I’m so happy and extremely excited to share this huge milestone with you guys!!! <3 It took us a year (a year!!!!)and 3 teams to get things right, but we finally pulled it off, and I am beyond proud! (Insert a million exclamation points here.) We made sure it was jam packed with essentials- not just a book to put on display but a book that actually meant something and touched you deep down inside. (#thatsright)

Every time people ask me what it’s about- I can’t find a single answer. And thats because it talks about so much- from stress eating, to heartbreak, to inner battles and triumphs. It talks about friendship, the internet age and yes, finding the perfect selfie. It’s old diaries scanned and printed for all the world to see. It’s the raw and unedited girl behind the online persona- the ups, downs, good, bad, ugly, edited and raw. It’s not a bound version of the #humblebrag, but a story that hopes to inspire everyone out there. And I do hope you get a copy and see for yourself. <3

Special thanks to DZMM’s Amy Perez and Mark Logan for having me on the show!

Thanks to the cutie VJ Sunny from Myx for guesting me as well!

And of course, to TJ Manotoc and the ANC team for the in depth interview! Did you guys catch it???

Thank you to all my friends and new friends for the support!!!

And to all of you who’ve tagged me or #ThirstythoughtBook #BehindTheBlog- Aaaah i am OVERWHELMED and humbled!!!! <3

Please keep tagging me as we are planning more and more surprises for everyone this holiday season! Details soon.



1. December 4 CEBU

National Book Store SM Cebu 1-3PM

Bloggers United

2. December 10 MANILA

Bloggers United Bazaar

Free entrance to first 100 guests who bring a copy of my book!

World Trade Center Tent, Manila, 10AM

 More to come!!! Hope to see you guys!!!

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47 Responses to #BehindTheBlog

  1. Jessie Nuqui says:

    I really wanted to purchase your book, but unfortunately I am living in Canada. Paaaaaaaaaaano?

  2. Melissa Buhia says:

    Your book is sooooo good!!

  3. joan says:

    how much is your book? planning to give it to my friends this christmas :)

  4. Kyxy says:

    I’m from Davao and I really wanted to buy your book but I can’t seem to find it in any National bookstore branch here :(

  5. Monica says:

    Hi! Available na ba sa Davao? :)

  6. Sheena Almocera says:

    Hi, I’m from New Zealand. How can I get the book??????

  7. violet says:

    What editor did you use po? :)

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