Belo Bloggers Night

A few days ago, I got invited to attend the Belo Blogger’s Night at Myron’s Place. I got super curious (why would Belo invite me, a fashion blogger?) and excited to meet my fellow bloggers again.

Among those who attended were Cams, Fashion Pulis, Shen of Shens Addiction, Chuvaness, Hayden Kho, Vicky Belo (duh) and their latest endorser, Angelicopter.

Can you guess what Dr. Belo talked to us about?

If you guessed boob job, or thought of that hot girl on a billboard along EDSA, you’re right! We spent the night talking about why Angelicopter decided to get hers done, and the medical ins and outs of it all. Apparently, her breasts deflated after giving birth to her first child, so after a long process of research and consultations, she finally decided to get it done at Belo. Their process allows you to breast feed even after the operation, since they put the silicone under the muscle, and not just under the skin. Thats why it looks real and your skin doesn’t sag, even after years post-op. (Useful information?)

We passed around the silicone (funky to actually get to touch it!), and Cecile of chuvaness grabbed a photo of Cams and I awkwardly holding it!

Gastronomic feast! (Yes, we still kept our appetites. How could we not? They food was sooo good!)

After dinner, we played a game and the winner got to keep a cute ballerina piggy bank (which was actually a pig in a tutu!), which said “saving for my lipo”! How cute and totally appropriate for the brand! Cams was desperate to win (she apparently has a fascination with pigs, and her collection spans half of her bed!)

Angelicopter in her Herve Leger dress, which according to her, fits like a glove because of her augmentation.

And finally, the three gorgeous girls behind Belo’s Marketing arm. They all have amazing skin, and when I complimented them, the response was short, sweet and expected- “by Belo!” Thank you girls for having me, I really had fun! Til next time!