Best Cameras for Instagram/Youtube

To everyone asking me what camera I use for my Instagram and Blog photos, or what I use for my vlogs- this video is for you! I’m giving you all my little gadget secrets so you can get pretty photos and videos as well! Hope you find this useful! Enjoy!

1. INSTAGRAM – Leica Q

2. VLOG-  Canon G7x Mark 2

3. SIT DOWN VIDEOS-  Canon 70D with 24mm prime lens or 50mm prime lens

4.ADVENTURE- Go Pro Hero 4

5. UNDERWATER CASE- Go Pro Lens Hood Dome



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20 Responses to Best Cameras for Instagram/Youtube

  1. Klah - Klah says:

    Yay! People are keep asking those questions over and over again. We use the same dome to take awesome pictures underwater! Nice babe. Love ♥

  2. Kris says:

    This is really informative and entertaining Kryz! :) I ‘ve been also using the gopro dome and it’s really fantastic!

  3. Miguel Bayla says:

    Yes! Thank you for making this video! This helps a lot to all the aspiring youtubers and bloggers out there 😀

  4. steffany teves says:

    Thankie for this video Kryz! ❤❤❤ Lovelotx. Looking forward to your new Vlog and Blogs as well :)

  5. Jansell says:

    Yay finally! Thanks for this Kryz! <3

  6. Bilzy says:

    miss your style posts te kryz <3

  7. Marien says:

    Waaaaah! Thank you Kryz!

  8. Janine says:

    Finally. Thanks for sharing :) Btw, what was the previous camera that was replaced by Leica?

  9. Michelle Rhea Borbolla says:

    yaaay! thank you. I’ll try all of this. I’m excited..

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