Best Value: Onsen Spa in Makati

When I think of Makati Ave, I think of the not so wholesome streets and shady hotels. The bars, the girls and all the afams looking for girls. We know it all too well. I never knew a 5 star hotel existed in the area, and I absolutely didn’t know it was possible to take this photo right in the heart of it too! Surprising because that 5 star hotel (that houses this spa) is pretty huge! I’m talking about I’m Hotel, right across A Venue in Makati Ave.

Check out the decked out lobby. I loooove the high ceilings! It just makes the place so much more inviting, don’t you think?

Not only do they have allergy-free rooms (no carpets and you can request for fragrance free cleaning too!), they have cool interiors (a transformers-like mobile kitchen cabinet), and a huge bathroom too!

I checked in right after having a talk in Makati, so I was pretty tired and in need of some comfort Chinese food. Good thing they had Empress Jade restaurant in the hotel! IT. WAS. SO. GOOD!

They also had Bloom restaurant which overlooked most of Makati Ave. They serve buffet breakfast here, and you guys know how much I loooove hotel breakfast! So much more if it’s in a pretty space like this!

Part of this hotel is a place I know I’m gonna frequent the most… The Onsen Spa! If you don’t know what Onsen is, it’s a Japanese hot spring public bath, and they have their own version for you here too. Surprisingly, for the quality of the massage and the whole atmosphere of the place- it was super affordable! You can find their packages here. Most of them come with a free buffet lunch, and when you count that in, it’s really sulit!

I felt kinda awkward to dip in sans clothing with a bunch of strangers. Luckily, my private dojo came with my own little Onsen tub and sauna. I’m telling you- IT FELT SO DAMN GOOD. I’m also really picky with massages as I get them quite often, and their massage here was PERFECT. 5 star rating from hard to please me!

And coming soon to this hotel is something I’m sure you guys will be interested in. A rooftop bar! The people who own I’m Hotel also own Manila Ocean Park, so they are planning to fill the rooftop with huge aquariums as decorations. So awesome! Imagine lounging up here with the best view of the city. 😍

Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.


Special thanks to Mr. Young for my photos today!