Black, Brown and Coffee

My favorite thing to do when visiting a foreign country? Sit on the floor and take photos! Noooo im kidding (or am I?) I actually love googling the hell out of all the best third world coffee shops in town, and visit at least one per day. They’re usually spread out across the city. Plus points if they’re instagram worthy, and plus plus points if they’re near my hotel! Why? Well aside from the fact that they have great coffee (duh), most of the good cafès are really creative and well done, and it’s fun to people watch (read: look at hipsters and their super cool glasses and hairstyles) It’s a quick and easy way to look at local art culture, get inspired and see what “cool” is like in that part of the world. “Cool” in my books at least. What are your travel musts?

Stradivarius sweater 
Mulberry bag
Knee High boots from Korea (similar here)
Bowler hat (similar here)