Bloggers United: 5th time around

It’s finally time to tell you guys about one of the most anticipated and favored events on my calendar- Bloggers United! We’re at it’s 5th instalment, and if there’s anything we’ve proven, it’s that BU keeps getting bigger and better every time! To this momentous event, I took out my beautiful Cage City dress that I’ve saved for special occasions. (BU is definitely one of those instances!) I love love love this piece on me because the fit was absolutely perfect! It’s rare that I don’t have to alter my dresses (especially cutout ones like these) because they’re usually really loose on my hips. But the moment I tried this on and it fit like a dream, I just knew we were meant to be together!

My white dress was so perfect and so me! It was cute and modern, classic and sexy, and it allowed me to add pops of detail and color just the way I like it! Dear God, thank you very very much for this perfection in a dress that you have so gracefully bestowed upon me. I have to say, I am totally rocking it! lol

According to a lot of the readers I met that day, this is one of my signature Instagram #selfie poses! Lol I love how my readers know my angles better than I do!

What do you think of my outfit?

Cage City Dress, WAGW necklace (sold out), Aldo heels, HOB bag

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Mike flew in to Manila with me to help me set up and get everything in place. It’s hard to do things myself because I had to ship around 15 boxes of stuff from Cebu, and I had no driver to take them to the venue or help me arrange my stuff. I had to hire a van and 2 sales associates to keep me company that day, because otherwise, Mike and I would have died! We set up my booth around midnight at the night before and we were surprised to find all of my racks and clothes disassembled and on the ground 2 hours after doors were opened! Yes, thats how crazy and shop-hungry the people were! My booth was flocked and within a few hours, most of the stuff was sold!

Mike was such a sweetie to help around despite not having anything to eat yet. He was the one who picked up the racks from the floor and reassembled them, while I was busy attending to my lovely readers. Can you spot him in the photo above?

A sweet sweet reader had this pin on her that read “I <3 Kryz Uy.” Apparently she’s had it since the last BU! My heart melted and I asked to snap her right away! After the whole event, my blogger besties and I chowed down some italian food at Aria just because we were sooo exhausted from the festivities!

I also got to reunite with Sam Sadhwani, who is now one of the hosts for a TV show called ETC HQ! They interviewed me for a bit amidst the crazy shopping, and I’m secretly hoping I didn’t sound too flustered or annoying! I keep saying over and over again how I’m not a TV person- and that goes for watching it, and being in it! But it was an experience nonetheless, and always one for the books!

Thank you to everyone who dropped by and said hi, took photos with me, shopped, and everything in between! I really appreciate my readers’ support and I always see it manifested whenever I attend meet and greets or BUs. I wish we could have Bloggers United segments in each city of the Philippines so I could meet more of my beautiful, fun and inspiring readers! This blog would be nothing without all of you, and I wouldn’t be able to live this dream of a life if it weren’t for your daily reads! So thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!x