Blue Green

There’s something about the colors blue and green that are so calming to the eyes, don’t you think? This outfit makes me seem like your average girl next door, ready to do all sorts of crazy adventures with her friends. Now imagine the exact same outfit in bright bold neon colors. Suddenly, I’m not the same girl anymore! I’d seem like I have a very strong personality, and that I’d never take no for an answer! Lastly, imagine me wearing the same outfit but imagine it in pure white and gold. Calm and edgy suddenly turn into classy and high maintenance- correct? It’s so amazing how the slightest shift of colors can affect your outfit, and even more amazing how the clothes you wear affect people’s first impressions of you! We should never judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes making first impressions based on how people dress are unavoidable and only natural! That’s why I always say dress to make yourself feel good, so that your personality will shine through your clothes!

This outfit was already busy with it’s lace peek-a-boo details, buttoned up collar and heavy chain necklace, so I decided to coil my hair up into a perfect bun. Hair tutorial soon, promise! (Also, for those of you who think this is a sock bun, I didn’t use any socks in the making of this!)

I took out this super cute red bag to add a pop of color to my casual look. I wanted to seem care-free and down to earth, but also exciting and full of surprises!

Look at these pretty slippers from Primaluxe Manila! Suede and studs are perfect complements to this total look, agree?

What do you think? What colors would you wear for your everyday look?

WAGW top, Goody hair pins and elastics, SM Accessories bag, Primaluxe Manila flats, Mango shorts, Bubbles necklace

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