Calle Plata

I’m dying to get my healthy lifestyle back on track, but sometimes it’s so hard to balance workout sessions with work and traffic, or healthy meals when there isn’t any place to buy it. Thank God for my sister Jack who is 10x into these green living things. She always encourages me to eat healthier, and even scheduled a special green and organic lunch for us at Healing Present. We got to this little green house and were welcomed by such a wide variety of plants and herbs at every corner. Elenor, the owner, welcomed us in and cooked our entire meal for us one at a time, explaining her thoughts on organic living while she was at it. I thoroughly enjoyed spending a few more hours with a slow healthy lunch as opposed to my usual dine and dash set up, and highly encourage you guys to give it a try. They have a quaint little garden at the top floor too where you can spend some afternoon down time and snap photos like I did. Here’s to a healthier us, loves!

Tobi coat, American Apparel tank, Topshop leather leggings, Celine bag, Pandora bracelet

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