Can’t Stop

I’ll spare you from my usual fashion spiel for today to talk about something a little bit more relevant. I read this article on the Huffington Post about why Generation Y yuppies are feeling unhappy, and makes so much sense! I know some people my age who are always complaining about their lives- feeling that they need (or even deserve) to be more successful, to have more time, to live more luxuriously and the like. And although it’s not wrong to have big dreams for yourself, some of these goals are coupled with entitlement which could be a dangerous thing.Β Start up jobs aren’t ever good enough for someone of your skill, depression sinks in when facebook friends post of their achievements, and it’s the world’s fault why they haven’t discovered your greatness. If you’re in your 20-3o somethings and feeling this way, I sincerely hope the article above can help you! To be completely honest, I know I’m incredibly lucky to be doing what I’m doing today. I love my job and the amazing opportunities that come with it. (Thank you my darling readers for making it all possible, I owe it all to you!!!) But I am scared about facing the real world vulnerably if ever this dream comes to a halt for one reason or another. I’m not exactly sure if you guys know what I mean, but the point is that I really enjoyed this article, and I hope you guys take some good out of it too! It’s a meaty tuesday story, enjoy!

WAGW top, Thistle & Co. shorts, Celine bag, Choies heels (similar here), SM Accessories necklace

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