Even when my whole trip to HongKong was filled with doing all things touristy, you simply can not leave the country without a day dedicated to shopping! (Who’s with me??) Here’s what I wore to a very fun and exciting trip around the shopping centers of HK! I kept my layers to a minimal so I wouldn’t have a hard time fitting clothes, and brought a bag that I could easily strap around my shoulder and low heeled booties for comfort while walking around. I also tied my hair in a low bun to keep it away from my face, cause you know… when I shop, I mean business!

Low buns are effortlessly chic and practical. I prefer doing my hair this way than sweeping everything off my face in a tight bun because this is more relaxed and more appropriate for night. Plus, if I decide to take the bun out, it doesn’t leave a ponytail mark half way across the back of my head like it does with a high bun! I had an excuse to play around with beautiful dangling earrings since my hair was away, and brightened up my face with a clean sweep of MACs Ruby Woo lipstick. I love how the combination emphasised my Chinese features!

What do you think?

Choies coat (similar here), Carrine Roitfield top, Topshop leggings, Balenciaga bag, Comfit boots, SM Accessories earrings, Pinkbox hair tie

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54 Responses to Causeway

  1. Fifi Yau says:

    i agree that when it comes to shop, we have to wear something that flexible that makes us able to run here to there 😀
    super love the coat and leggings <3

    Diary of A Dreamer

  2. Tasnim says:

    lovin’ how casual this is! just out of curiosity by the way, how versatile would you rate leather leggins? debating whether to buy some! hope you’re having a lovely time, not jealous in the slightest! 😉

  3. megan says:

    hi kryz! i love your bag! very catchy :) balenciaga? btw happy happy 23rd birthday! :)) i’m following you on twitter that’s why :))

  4. cath says:

    can’t believe i’m here visiting your blog on your birthday! happy happy birthday!

    seems ages ago when i was a regular reader. to tell you the truth (and to be REALLY frank), i got a bit bored of your blog because your entries are usually just your outfit posts. i missed reading more about you as a person. i miss reading more about your thoughts and struggles and other things. i’m not saying the way you blog now is bad or that you absolutely have to change how you blog. i’m just saying i miss those sorts of posts. :) i know you have a lot of wisdom stored up there somewhere. XD

    but i still know and remember how beautiful a person you are, inside and out.


  5. Joe Beverly says:

    love this outfit, your makeup, and your hair, happy shopping . . .

  6. pixglam says:

    gorgeous look, but what i loved more is the coat. image sharer

  7. Evel says:

    this look is great, i think :)

  8. Lea Luciano says:

    Hi kryz! Where did you bought your balenciaga bag? How much is it? Love to have one..

  9. leo says:

    rock and roll baby …!!!


  10. Great look, awesome coat! Gorgeous make-up.

  11. Lea says:

    hi kryzz how will i know if the website is true or not? im looking for a balenciaga bag and i came across with a website is this authentic? can you please check this one out. they are selling really low priced balenciaga bag… plssss. check it…if its true then ill buy :)

    • Kryz says:

      Im not sure if thats legit or not thats why I suggest you buy from sites verified by friends or buy in the stores mismo, which is what I did. Im not sure about low priced bags either, from what I know its best to buy from the boutique itself.

  12. nilson says:

    Hi, very cute photos and i shared one on, hope you like it :)

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