Cebu In The Bag!

My beloved hometown of Cebu is having a big big sale this whole month called “Cebu In The Bag! Island Madness Sale“, and I was lucky enough to be given the chance to promote it! When the Cebu City Chamber of Commerce called and asked me to be the face of the campaign, I was more than delighted to comply- especially when they informally dubbed me as the epitome of shopping in the city. I’m not really sure what that implies, but me and shopping in one sentence sure does make sense!  We shot around the city for a day and came up with this video below which was looped around the whole place during the launch and used to promote the event (i’m not exactly sure where). The making of this was both fun and exhausting, and I kind of want to kick myself in the butt for sounding so weird and awkward, but hey, that’s why I’m not a TV personality! lol I briefed the crew beforehand and apologized for future retakes due to my lack of skill, but thankfully we didn’t need to take more than 2-3 per shot! *phew!* Hope you enjoy the video nonetheless!


If you’re from Cebu or planning to fly here, get your wallets ready! Everything from Hotels, to food to apparel to airfares are now at low low low prices, especially the companies featured in the video below like Marco Polo Plaza, WAGW, SM Dept Store, Havaianas, Islands Souvenirs etc!) Your wallets can thank us later!