Celebrate Life Part 26

In effort to bring you more up to date content (being the good blogger that I am *cough*), I’m bumping up my 26th celebrate life dinner and ahead of all my pending posts! (Applause please!) I say celebrate life because each year, I look back and think of all the great things I’ve accomplished, experienced, learned and lived through. And each year, instead of being sad or worried that I’m growing older, I am truly, wholeheartedly grateful.  I don’t always throw big parties or gatherings. I simply “Celebrate life” with the people who close to me, no matter where in the world I am. But since it’s been a while, I decided that this year, I’d make it a little more special. With the help of The Abaca Group‘s Tavolata restaurant and attentive staff, my best friend and interior designer, Gillian, and my crafty creative sister, Jack, we came up with an intimate Sunday night get together for some of my good friends.

I picked Tavolata restaurant because it was big enough to fit all my guests, and the ambiance was just right. (I am totally one of those “ambiance > food” types, but with Tavolata or the rest of The Abaca Group, I don’t really have to pick!) If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, you’ve probably seen me post about their restaurants all over Cebu. I’m such a regular customer, especially at Abaca Baking Company, Beqaa and Phat Pho!

The place was already pretty darn gorgeous even without any of our added decorations, but I looove making people feel special, so I knew I had to add a little personal touch.

Jack helped me make place cards for everyone. I initially wanted her to draw a little caricature of all my guests so they could take it home with them, but then again, there were 50 guests- and ain’t no body got time for that! So instead, I asked her to write their names down on black paper, and draw a little something that they each loved to do. Just a personal touch to make my guests know that I care- and know them pretty well! Everyone LOVED their name cards, and even went around to look at the drawings the others got. I made sure some of them (the less serious ones) got funny drawings, just for kicks. A few of my guests even hired Jack for some illustration work on the spot! 😛

Gillian helped me decorate the tables. The food was served family style, so we were somewhat limited when it came to the center piece. Plus, I wanted a low one where people could still see the person seated across them. Our solution was to make a floral arrangement for the center of the table, and add leaves and series lights that the plates could go on top of. Unfortunately, the series lights I had bought turned out to be the tacky blinking ones! My bad! We had to make do with candles instead. It looked so much better with the lights, but I didn’t want my guests to develop a seizure with all that blinking in front of them, so I guess the compromise was worth it 😛

Slater came late but surprised me with flowers. (yiiiheeeee). So he is excused 😛

The food was ABSOLUTELY DELISH!!!! Especially the dessert which was gone so fast, I didn’t get a chance to shoot it! But trust me, it was all gone by the time I got my camera out! My other favorite though has to be the Spaghetti Nero. It’s like a marinara pasta but with flavors so perfectly subtle it doesn’t make you tire of the taste even after eating so much. And no, it doesn’t leave your mouth with black squid ink!

My whole family was there too which means the world to me! They sat on the second floor, which meant the kids had all the free space to run around and play! P.S. Check out the nannies on the mirror’s reflection calling the kids to smile! 😀

So many of my favorite people came, including these girls (missing Ken, who just got married the night before!) who I grew up with! I can’t believe we’re all grown up now!

My lovely guests being so cooperative and posing for my photo, even when I made them stand up pre-dessert. Thank you all for coming and celebrating life with me! And thanks to everyone who helped make this night possible. Definitely a wonderful way to start another year of memories. <3

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