Cerulean Seas

Aloha from this beautiful deck overlooking endless the cerulean seas of Mactan Island. When my family and I went on a short trip to the beach for father’s day, I knew the exact piece of swimwear that would keep me company during the trip- my design for I Love Koi swimwear! I’m so proud to say that my design has sold out so quickly, despite the double production!!! I told you guys it was flattering on all body types! The only color left is this lavander one I have on, which in all honesty, is my absolute favorite! I matched it with these high waist lime bottoms for a cute retro look. What do you think?

Of course, I brought along my trusty Instax camera to take cute snapshots of our trip. The best part was that the yummy yellow hue perfectly matched my pastel look for the day!

 Kryz Uy for I Love Koi Swimwear bikini top, Chocolate Stardust Bottoms, WAGW hat, Furla Bag, Zero UV sunnies

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A huge thanks to my big sis, Jack, for taking my photos for this post, and for most of the other posts in this blog! She’s an amazing photographer, and if you haven’t already, check out her blog and pester her about doing more hair tutorials. She’s so good at them!

Meet my supportive dad with my little healthy baby niece Zoey (whom I’ve talked about here, here and here) Doesn’t this sight just melt you heart???

My nail polish is super cool because it changes color under the sun! When I’m in the shade, it’s a fresh neon orange, and when I’m out in the sun, like in the photo above, it becomes this red-orange hue! Amazing! You can get it done at Beauty and Butter like me, if you want one for yourself.

In case you’re wondering, we stayed at a beach resort in Cebu called Imperial Palace. Read about part 1 of this trip here.

Our room was pretty huge. It had a great ocean view over the balcony, a living area, dining area, kitchen area, mini walk in closet, and a big cozy bedroom! I forgot what kind of suite we got, but it was definitely worth it!

To cap our fun filled day, my family and I had a lovely candle lit meal in the island where I wore this floral number from Clothing Here. It was such an easy choice to bring to the beach cause I didn’t need to accessorize to make it look cute- it was already so adorable! Plus, it was perfect for a quick day to night look, and all i needed was a cozy brown wrap. What do you think?

Clothing Here dress, Zero UV sunnies

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44 Responses to Cerulean Seas

  1. Lydia says:

    Love your bikini top! And those big round sunnies, I’m looking for something just like that! 😀


  2. Keisha says:

    Hello Kryz! I just can’t help but notice you’re flawlessly beautiful skin. What’s your beauty secret? :)

  3. Kerstine says:

    Soooooo sexy! I’m just wondering if the Instax camera has clear shots just like other camera. And how much does it cost anyway?

  4. cerissa palamos says:

    hi miss kryz…remember the skirt you wore in your blog titled neo the long maxi blue skirt? can you pls sell it to me? hehehehe i really loved the skirt so much….

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  7. Nica says:

    ang ganda and sexy niyo po 😀

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