Channeling Gaia at DAVAO!

Iwearsin dress, Longchamp bag, Feet for a queen heels, Extreme finds earrings
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Hello Davao!

I wore this dress to a casual day at WAGW Abreeza in Davao, where I had the privilege of meeting so many of my readers!!! I was overwhelmed by the amount of tweets I got from Davaoenos (sweet and funny!) and I really wish I could reply to all, if not most of them, but my internet is really crappy here, and for some reason, my twitter app won’t work! 🙁 Also, I got gifts!!! That I did not expect! How absolutely sweet and flattering! I’m so overwhelmed, grateful and happy. Davao is really fun! Although the only place I went to was Abreeza! So… Abreeza is really fun! haha They have so many shops that haven’t even opened in Cebu (i.e. Gap, Debenhams, Make Room, etc.) so it was interesting to look around. Jack and I had a blast meeting new people and dining in new restos, including Ranchero, Hanoi, and Tsuru!

Everything in my look, I’ve already worn in a previous post, but I like re-wearing clothes in a different way. I mean, let’s be practical. No one really ever uses their clothes just once! I decided to pack my favorite maxi dress because it’s incredibly comfortable, it has a chic print and a fun asymmetrical hem (which I pinned up to make a bit shorter up front.) My “cloud shoes” (term coined by Yanyan) were also a must-bring because they’re so versatile! (I’ve worn them so many times, I’m sure you’ve noticed!) For a single statement accessory, I brought my green feather earrings from Extreme Finds because it’s conveniently chic without having to try so hard. I prefer single statement pieces compared to a ton of things piled on- especially when traveling (hello metal detectors and overweight charges!) Lastly, a perfect light weight option for a busy jetsetter= Longchamp’s Le Pliage tote! You can stuff everything in it without having to worry so much about getting it dirty or whatever else. My gray one looks like crap already, but I still love it for it’s convenience and practicality! What do you think?

Next up, CDO!