Charles and Keith Giveaway (CLOSED)

This year, one of my fashion resolutions is to shop for more versatile pieces and to make sure to wear them more than once. It’s no difficult task when shopping at Charles and Keith because most of their pieces are so easy to match, and they’re comfortable enough to make me want to wear them again and again and again! In all of my looks above, I’m wearing Charles and Keith- from boots, to heels, to sandals to stilettos. They have such a great mix and I’m so happy to be their brand ambassador! One of the perks of being an ambassador (which I’m sure will delight most of you) is being able to host a Charles and Keith GIVEAWAY!

All you need to do is:

1. Like Charles and Keith on Facebook and follow them on twitter.

2. Like Thirstythought on Facebook, follow @kryzzzie on twitter and this blog on bloglovin’

3. Answer this online form which will ask you for your contact details.

Contest is open to all Philippine residents with Charles and Keith branches in their city, or willing to pick up at any Charles and Keith Philippines branch. Contest runs from now until midnight on the 31st. Goodluck!!!

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19 Responses to Charles and Keith Giveaway (CLOSED)

  1. Reil says:

    Charles and Keith’s twitter is @charles_keith

  2. rizza says:

    congrats kryz! by the way, i saw your post “grand spaces” and i always pass by grand residences in gov cuenco banilad, before the flyover. im confused with the street name, is mj cuenco same with gov cuenco? if different, where’s mj cuenco? isnt mj cuenco somewhere near downtown?

  3. Joyce says:

    Hi Kryz! Just wanted to ask if I got this right, the link from your blog goes to @charleskeith instead of @Charles_Keith?

  4. Dora Hawk says:

    If I can get my little cousins in Cebu to pick it up for me, can I enter this competition?

  5. Kaithleen says:

    hmmm… hope Charles and Keith will be opening up in our SM. . . . . :O

  6. Kaithleen says:

    Can I just tell my sister in Cebu to pick up the give-away if I win? :))
    we practically share our fashion together. 😀

  7. Sharlene Calderon says:

    Just joined the contest. Hope I win! In case you would want to verify if I did what’s instructed, here’s my Twitter username: @ShaCalderon and Facebook name: Sharlene Calderon. More powers Ms. Kryz!

  8. Mayla Lagrimas says:


  9. Maen says:

    Good Luck everyone!

  10. Couleen Conche says:

    Hi Kryz! I feel like you mistyped Charles and Keith’s official Twitter account, it’s @Charles_Keith. :)

  11. luisa says:

    i hope i could win this giveaway or even giveaways haha goodluck everyone! 😀

  12. Chai Chen says:

    Woot! Joined this giveaway! Hope to win :)

    ★♡ #ChaiChenGiveaways x ROPE Accessories (^_^) ♡★
    Ice Goddhez x ROPE Accessories Valentine Giveaway #ChaiChenGiveaways
    … join this giveaway and win prizes from ROPE Accessories!

    ❤ ~Chai

  13. lovely_nic says:

    what brand was the gold watch you were wearing in the charles and keith pic?

  14. Ienna Kay says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! Stay pretty and fit! :)

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