When I first got into dressing up, I always made sure that the key piece to define my look would be something that I knew no one was wearing. Back in my high school days, we were always given matching shirts to wear for fairs or field trips. Instead of wearing them with jeans and rubber shoes like all my classmates, I usually wore a skirt with mine and matched them with mary-janes. I probably looked silly to everyone back then, but I just couldn’t help it! That’s how I first played and experimented with fashion. If you’re anything like me in the past, then you probably wouldn’t want to be caught in a frilly dress for Valentines day. So here’s an alternative look for you- pants!

Contrary to popular belief, wearing pants does not equate masculinity, just as how wearing skirts does not equate femininity. Here, I’m wearing ultra flattering and form fitting navy pants, yet my total look is still girly because of the details I’ve paired with it! I chose a peplum top to create an illusion of shape without having to wear something too sexy. Usually, the rule of thumb is to wear something loose up top when wearing something tight below and vice versa. Instead of wearing something oversized, peplum tops give the perfect mix of fit and form. Plus, I’m really loving how the floral print comes in a dark somber yet elegant vibe, unlike the usual sunday dress prints. Doesn’t it make my look have so much more mystery (which always adds interest!) and character? To keep the look from being too dark, I brightened things up with a posh pink box bag and necklace (adding an ironic layered diamond and gem chain necklace from WAGW on top of it for more oomph).  It did such a good job that I patted myself on the back for it! lol Okay, maybe I’m just saying that.

While I think staying away from the norm may be a good thing when it comes to fashion, I also believe certain traditions and personalising them: Like wearing your finest jewellery on special occasions. Okay, these aren’t my finest jewellery but you get the point! Instead of stacking bulky bangles and braided bracelets, why not stack up an arm full of finer pieces that you reserve for special days? The ones I’m wearing are deeply sentimental to me- Charriol signifying eternity, Pandora- the things I love in each charm, and Cartier’s love bracelet… cause it’s Valentines day of course!

What do you think?

H&M hat (similar here), StylistaPH top (similar here), Jeggings (similar here) WAGW multi-gem necklace, SM Accessories pink necklace and bag, Schutz heels

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