Chateau de Versailles

Saved the best part about my Paris trip for last. Today, let me take you around the beautiful and iconic Palace of Versailles. Not only does it hold a very very rich history from Louis XIV- moving the palace from the city center (now Musee du Louvre) to this grand estate and Marie Antoinette’s lavish lifestyle and immaculate gardens, but… it’s also where Jack and I got majorly rained on and stranded for hours. Well, being stranded in a palace with an Angelinas and LaDurΓ©e isn’t exactly the worst thing that can happen to you right? At least we got to take some awesome photos and better yet, make some unforgettable memories. Enjoy!


&OtherStories hat
Adidas sneakers
Dorothy Perkins trousers (old)
Hye Park & Lune top
Emoda scarf