Chocolate Milk and Hotdogs

I eat A LOT. There’s no denying it. I’ve gotten used to living an active lifestyle ever since I was young, that my body also got used to downing extra calories and having about 5 meals in a day. My favorite meal after breakfast has to be snack time- because that’s when all the sweet yumminess comes out. (Sorry fats!) I usually grab a yummy snack with my nieces and nephews. That means old school classics- banana nutella sandwiches, butter and sugar toast- you get the drill.

One day mom came home after doing the groceries and brought back a new chocolate milk drink- Cocio. While I usually stick to full cream white milk- the classic bottle and tempting smell paired with my usual sweet and carby snack was just sooo hard to resist. I tried it, and I was hooked! (The kids were too!) Nothing but great taste.

A little research later and I found out Cocio actually came from Danish origin. It was cooked up in Anker Palesen’s kitchen wherein he spent 2-3 years perfecting the taste of Cocio using only 3 ingredients: Cocoa, Sugar and Milk! No fancy chemically stuff, no additives, no preservatives- or stuff that your body probably won’t understand. That’s probably why it tastes so naturally sweet and delicious, especially paired with Mary Grace cheese rolls- Yummmm. I’m drooling already!

Strangely, in Europe, the Danes pair it up with Hotdogs! I’ve never heard of the Chocolate Milk and Hotdog combination, but you guys should definitely give it a try. (Or tell me what other strange food combo Cocio works with, I’m so curious!!!) I’m pescatarian so I can’t tell you what that’s like myself, but I have to say- Mary Grace Cheese Rolls and Cocio= the best. (Aside from Cocio Classic, Cocio has another variant which has a stronger chocolate taste– Cocio Dark)

Sometimes all we need is a “pick me up” snack to give us that extra dose of energy needed during mid-day. This is my current go to option- what’s yours?

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