Clothes for a Cause

Day five after super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda and people are still incredibly desperate and in pain. Relief efforts from the private sector and international communities are overwhelming, but they are not enough, and have not yet reached many of the victims because of logistic constraints. While life goes on for most of us, other people have to stay in great devastation, wishing and waiting for a miracle to come to save them. Last night, while in Sydney with bloggers from all over Asia, I was so touched by the concern that everyone shared towards the Philippines. We probably spent a good 5 hours discussing the issue back home and finding ways to help. And then I realized, while life goes on, we can continue to work to help our countrymen. Today I am wearing a total WAGW outfit, and we have already decided to donate proceeds from all sales to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda- particularly milk for new born babies and food for kids. Does anyone know a charitable institution that we can tie up with to ensure that these supplies get to the victims ASAP? When I get home, I am also auctioning my clothes via FB and Twitter to raise funds for this calamity, so please stay tuned while I sort it out. I am also wearing Celine Dion sunglasses from the Privado sale at SM Accessories that starts tomorrow until the 17th, and I am hoping that this huge fashion label can also do their part and donate their sales to the victims. I urge all online sellers and businesses that are willing to help to donate their sales (or time) to help relief efforts in this great time of need.

WAGW top and jeans, House of Luxe necklace, Michael Antonio heels, Nixon watch from Meridian Timepieces, Furla wallet turned clutch, Celine Dion sunnies from Privado SM Accessories

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52 Responses to Clothes for a Cause

  1. Tina says:

    Lovely post!

    xx from Milan!

    follow me

  2. rica says:

    My friend is going to tacloban on the 24th to 29th with fellow missionaries. They are planning to go to the areas that were not reached. They are raising funds to come up with 10,000 care packages for the victims of the typhoon.

    Here’s their campaign:

    You could directly contact her, here’s her email:

    you could also visit her facebook:

    Thanks :)

  3. Jess says:

    Amazing cause and outfit!! 😀


  4. Kim says:

    yeeyyyy! CDU again ate kryz! hahah. feeling proud. i missed you and your blog. last time na nka read kois since first sem pa. nag sembreak vacation kasi eh. nag punta ako leyte. you always look cute and gwapa. :))))

  5. hi kryz, you might wanna try getting in touch with world vision.
    and if you have friends near Manila area, the College of Arts an Sciences of UP Manila is currently accepting donations (food, water, clothing, etc) and my brothers and sisters from Sigma Kappa Pi – Sigma Delta Pi are conducting repacking until Saturday which will be shipped out by Sunday. Volunteers and/or donations are welcomed.
    Please check my facebook account for more details:

  6. Lourine says:

    Help through online media. Nice idea! There are rally a lot of ways to help :)

  7. Gie says:

    You have beautiful heart, Kryz! Try looking at Save the Children.

  8. ollyvia laura says:

    love reading your blog, It’s very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)


  9. Kit Antonio says:

    I personally like the idea of donating milk for newborns and food for kids. Those little one’s depend on milk a so much. They don’t even have the same appetite adults have.


  10. Grace says:

    My school( i live in Canada ) donated. When I saw my past teacher na may hawak na kahon and nakasulat donations for philippines something like that but in french. and I took my money and put in the box with no hesitation :)hihi ..
    lovely outfits <3

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