Cul de Sac

I found a quaint little place that serves AMAZING mushroom soup.

My friend, Mel, took us to Cafe Old Cul de Sac for dinner one night. Its a small restaurant hidden inside Sto. Nino Village, one of Cebu’s bigger subdivisions.

Aside from the intimate set up, the cafe was adorned with Christmas lights and the soothing voice of Bill Crosby, singing his famous Christmas melodies. We all felt at ease the moment we stepped in.

Cul de Sac serves delicious and affordable home-cooked food (the home-cooked part makes it so much more appetizing). Imagine spending less than Php200 for a meal that includes Soup, Main Course, and Dessert!

I wasn’t able to take photos the first time I went, so I asked Mike to move our date place to Cul de Sac the very next day so I could take some. He was hesitant at first, but as soon as he tried the soup and heard the music, he totally fell in-love with the place.

I suggest you skip the crowded malls and take your Christmas dinner to Cul de Sac instead. <3



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