Curly Sue

These past few days, my hair has been experiencing it’s quarter life crisis. It can’t decide what it wants to be- straight? long? curly? short? or what it’s purpose is in life- to stay the same? opt for change? It’s a sad story really, and I think it’s probably because my hair was my saving grace, especially during those awkward teen years when I looked so “nene” and gross. The only thing that appeared not to experience the horrible effects of teen puberty was my silky smooth locks. I love my hair, and I’ve had it the same way for about seven years. No dyes or color changes, no drastic cuts, no nothing. I know, I know- definitely time for change! But everytime I try to do something different, I always find myself missing my long curly locks and side swept bangs. I’ve just gotten too comfortable with it that the moment it starts to look different, I feel utterly lost. So what do I do?

Get creative of course! While I can’t decide what I want for longer lasting change, I have my trusty hairspirational sister, Jack, to work her magic fingers through my locks and create pretty hairstyles that suit my every whim! Watch out for her tutorial on this look soon!

Also, on a totally unrelated note, did you notice that I’m wearing two different pairs of shoes on this outfit post? I couldn’t decide which looked better because both of them fit so well! What do you like most?

Everything matches this classic outfit with it’s directional twists, and I’m loving how minty fresh it makes me feel! Somehow, white and spearmint are two hues that always make you effortlessly crisp without trying at all!

What do you think?

WAGW skirt, SM Accessories belt J&M wedges and espadrilles, Cartier bracelet, Charriol bracelt, Other bracelets from my mom, Goody hair pins

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21 Responses to Curly Sue

  1. Caroline says:

    so sweet today again honey!! :) flawless princess for me ♥

  2. thechicmode says:

    ohh i love this shirt!! lovely outfit

  3. I love the color of your skirt! Hihihi! And for me the flats are better than the heels :) The neutral color of the flats give that last touch to make your outfit perfect withour going overboard :) But either way it looks great!! You are definitely my favorite blogger!! :)

  4. Honey Lyn says:

    pretty lady! love your locks! :)

  5. Lovely! Love the top and the color of the skirt <3

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    Thank you! :)

  6. Queenly Tan says:

    It’s mint!My favorite color <3 You're truly my top fashion inspiration Kryzzzie <3
    I'd just like to share to you I'm thinking of what to wear on our graduation this March (but I'm no expert kasi e hehe), they say we should be in a Filipiniana attire but I don't want the plain traditional one haha, syempre wanna be stylish pa rin. What should I wear then? Haha. <3
    Btw, I vote for the flats :)
    -Queenly Tan

  7. Between Nous says:

    You look beautiful!
    Btw where did you get the top?

  8. YvonneLaura says:

    Looks great! Love the colours and your top!

  9. Vivian says:

    Hair is so frustrating when it’s in that in-between stage! Yours still looks fab though~ Love the way you wear mint green~

  10. oh your hair is beautiful! as for your shoes, I always prefer heels, but if your hiking in the wood park land, your flats give better protection. ok, now, it’s the skirt that has got me a postin’ on here! Love it. What do you call the design? I call it “tulip” or Jack in the pulpit” since it looks like those flower, if you were to stand on your head! :)

  11. Lara says:

    you’re so lovely!

    where did you get your top?

  12. Ana says:

    You no longer reply to comments. :( where did you get the top? 😮

  13. Great look, Kryz. I like the black and white spadrilles best. Very cute.

  14. Franie says:

    Hi Kryz! Where did you get the top? 😀

  15. Jane says:

    Kryz! You are amazing! I love your top! Where’d you buy it?? It’s gorgeous!!

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