Dahilayan Adventure Park

I’ve always wanted to go to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon because of all the fun stories my friends and cousins tell me about it, but I never have time to visit the place when I fly to that part of the country. This time around though, my genius of a mom made sure to schedule a whole day for it! *happy dance* It’s an hour car ride from Cagayan de Oro, and I was all geared up and ready to go! Unfortunately, the weather started to turn sour and we were greeted by a strong downpour of rain! We didn’t let that dampen our moods though! We stayed in the hotel for a warm cup of cocoa, and waited for the skies to clear up. The short time that it did, we ran up to the Zipline post and gave it a go! It started raining again when we went, but that just made it more thrilling and crazy! Plus, I couldn’t bear the cold cold gushes of wind (it was like Winter in the Philippines up there!!!), so I had to grab a pair of jeans and change mid-day! Also, we weren’t able to ride the poop-in-your-pants-kind-of-scary Drop Zone (where they harness you up and swing you around all nuts) like we wanted to because of the bad weather, but that just means we have a reason to head back up again to that awesome awesome place! A big thank you to my generous Aunt who lent us her van (and her kids!) to take us up there! Hope you enjoy these photos!

I knew it would be cold up in the mountains, so I took out this cozy thick varsity jacket out for a spin that day. Whoever sent this to me, please email me so I can credit you! Because of this jacket, I decided to channel the whole school girl vibe and went for this super flattering top from WAGW that I designed and had made for the Xmas season. Its long sleeved which helped with the cold, and the fit was absolutely perfect, so it didn’t matter that I layered it under a bulky top. Then I got my bright neon boy-shorts for that cheerleader vibe, high cut silver sneaks (which saved my feet from the mud when the rain went crazy), and I was good to go!

What do you think?

Oasap Jacket (similar here), WAGW stripe top, Romwe shorts (similar here), Choies sneakers

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36 Responses to Dahilayan Adventure Park

  1. What can I cay – perfectly cool getup for an afternoon of zip lining adventure. I think the star of your ensemble is your silvery shoes, which garners all the attention easily from the rest. I also like that you match your striped shirt with that cool jacket – it just gives off a fun vibe.

  2. Pia says:

    I love that top!!! When is it going to be available at WAGW?:)

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