Dance Dare

Wondering what Laur, Cams and I do on our spare time? Watch this video! Love it!!! Thanks to Bobby Maddatu for editing! What do you think?

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136 Responses to Dance Dare

  1. rachel says:

    LOL. this is so funny! cute girls. I didn’t expect na ganyan kayo kakulit. :)

  2. Kurizutin says:

    so, eto pala yung Gangnam style na lagi kong nakikita sa twitter pero di ako maka-relate! hahaha!!!
    ang ku-kyut ninyo!!! gawa pa kyo ng madami!

  3. Patrice Aliman says:

    Okay.. I know you girls are crazy, but when I watched this vid, well.. You brought “crazy” into a whole new level. lol. Grabe, nakakatuwa kayo. Parang ang sarap at ang saya n’yo kasama! How I wish you three are my besties. lol. Anyway, thumbs up for the vid and your courage. Buti walang pake yung mga tao sa paligid! Haha.

  4. julie says:

    wahahahahha…never thought three of you would be this fun!

  5. Jill says:

    Hahahaha! You guys are soooo cute! Crazy, beautiful bunch! I’m a 30-something fashionista mom of two adorable kids named Creed & Cassie and you’re my ultimate blogger fave & sassy go-to fashion guru! Keep it up, Kryz! Your style is just amazing! & always has been my dose of Fresh! ;)

  6. Elizah says:

    uwaaaaa! i really love you guys <3 you're all so hyper! HAHA. best fashion bloggers and now best Gangnam Style dancers :)
    Keep inspiring us! :*

  7. Anmari says:

    I enjoyed this video so much, you gals are crazy!
    love it!

  8. Spojf says:

    haha your cover is fun

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