Dearest Millennials

Time for another Thirstythought Monologue! Because I’ve been getting more than the average “how to be you po?’s”and “#lifegoals” lately, this one is for you.

In this Instagram and photo sharing obsessed world we live in, it’s hard to draw the line between #goals and #fake. We see sooo many photos online and easily double tap girls with the perfect body, the perfect smile, the perfect trip, the perfect boyfriend, and the perfect life. It seems harmless, but slowly, these images are depressing us and leading us to expect so much more from life. We #goals everything, and so nothing ever becomes good enough. We end up expecting more surprises from our boyfriends, getting disappointed at not-so-ideal situations instead of cherishing the experience and not getting satisfied by anything less than Pinterest worthy. So many people have spoken up about this yet it’s still happening now more than ever.

Because I spend a lot of my time posting photos online- (well, more than the average person, that’s for sure!) I thought I would share my two cents about this issue from the other side of the table.

Photos tell a story. It shows you what the photographer wants you to see. But behind the lens- that’s where the drama happens. The real story. We have to be aware of that.

I see some people who want to be Insta famous wanting the best shots so much that they revolve their whole lives around it negatively affecting others. They force things to happen their way. They try to be someone they aren’t to fit in. They only hang out with “famous” people. They say they want to travel and experience the world, but they really only want their photo taken at every angle. I’ve seen couples get into nasty fights because the photos they shot didn’t turn out so great or their partners didn’t exert enough effort into the shot (yes, I’m sure some of you can relate!) Looking at it from the outside, it all seems so silly and trivial. How can you lose a friendship just because of an instagram photo? What has come to the world when people priorities images over relationships?

I’m no expert and sometimes I fall into the deadly instagram/facebook black hole too. But to all those listening, my advice remains the same. Be yourself. If you enjoy the effort you put into your photos- then that’s awesome. If you find someone to shoot you who equally enjoys it too- good for you!!! If you hate it and you’re doing it for the likes- then stop. If you are hassling your friends and fighting your boyfriend- stop. If you’re trying to be someone you’re not- stop. If it’s coming into your life like a wrecking ball- it’s not worth it.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t wake up early in the morning to shoot iconic places without flocks of tourists. I travel with friends and I never want to hassle them to take my photo when it’s not convenient. I don’t over pack and bring a million stylish outfits when I travel. I don’t even wear make up when I don’t have to! When I’m out of town, I like to take my time and savor every moment. I like to eat at places the locals love and talk about culture and the arts. I’d rather spend a day making a new friend than shooting a million photos! Don’t get me wrong, I loooove taking photos- but I don’t let it control my life. BE STRONGER THAN YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED! LOL I love walking because we can’t exactly do it with ease back home. I walk everywhere. That means I have to be very practical- no high heels, not a lot of heavy stuff and only comfortable clothes. Which means- I’m not high fashion (I’ve come to realize) and that’s definitely okay. I’m a basic B and that’s totally fine! I’m just me. I go to beautiful places and take my time to enjoy it. The shoot comes secondary. If I get a good shot- cool! If not, it’s also cool. No stress. Not so much effort. No broken relationships.

Remember, in the grand scheme of things, what is a perfect shot when you have no one left to share it with?

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